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Britain Geography

Great Britain Geography includes information about the climate, culture, population, and heritage of Great Britain. Great Britain comprises England, Scotland and Wales, and is located between Ireland and mainland Europe.

Great Britain is the largest island in Europe. The population of Great Britain is 58,845,700 (as in 2006). Over 1000 small islands and islets encircle Great Britain. Great Britain covers a total area of 80,823 sq. mile.

England, the biggest country of Great Britain, is located in the southeast region of the British Isles. London is the largest city in Great Britain and the capital of England. The longest river in Great Britain is Severn. Other rivers include Thames, Tees, Tyne and Avon. The western part of Great Britain consists of steep hills and valleys. The high peak mountains are located in Scotland and Wales.

About 25% of the overall land area in Great Britain is used for cultivation and 12% of Great Britain's total land area is covered by forests.

Great Britain has a varied climate with frequent cloud and rain. In the winter months, the average temperature remains between 5ºC in the month of January to 7ºC in March. The highest average temperatures that Britain experiences are in the months of July and August, when they remain at around 18ºC. Britain experiences steady rainfall throughout the year. It varies between an average of 31 mm in the month of February to an average of 52 mm in the month of September. The months of August and September receive the maximum rainfall.