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Netherlands Latitude and Longitude Map

Netherlands's latitude and longitude is 52° 23' N and 4° 55' E . Below is the map of Netherlands showing major towns, roads, airports with latitudes and longitudes plotted on it.

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Netherlands Latitude and Longitude Map
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Description: Find Netherlands latitude and longitude map showing comprehensive details including cities, roads, towns, airports and much more. Disclaimer

Netherlands is located in between the Arctic Circle and the Tropic of Cancer. The country lies between Germany and Belgium. Hence, the temperature is moderate all over the year. The latitude and longitude of the country is 52°23' N and 4°55' E respectively.

The major Netherlands latitude and longitude is 52°23' N and 4°55' E. The country is situated between Germany and Belgium. The area in between the latitude and longitude of Netherlands is approximately 41,526 sq km. The latitude of the country is in between the Arctic Circle and Tropic of Cancer. The temperature is cool in the summers. The winters are not severe due to the location. The North Sea touches the country and forms boundary from one side. Hence, the winters are not too chilly. The timing followed in the country is one hour added to the UTC. The geographic position of Netherlands is one longitude in the east of Prime Meridian. Six hours time difference is present between Washington DC and Netherlands.
  • 1 degree = 111 km NS, 68 km EW (the proportion is 0.61, the cosine of the latitude)
  • 1 second = 31 m NS, 19 m EW
  • 1 minute = 1,850 m NS (ca. 1 nautical mile), 1,140 m EW
(Rijksdriehoeksmeting) or The Dutch RD coordinate system and converter are frequently used. There is a south-north coordinate between 300 and 620 km and west-east coordinate between 0 and 280 km. Our Lady's Tower (Onze-Lieve-Vrouwentoren) in Amersfoort is the reference point with geographic coordinates around 52°9'N 5°23'E/52.15°N 5.383°E/52.15; 5.383 and RD coordinates (155.000, 463.000). The European territory of the Netherlands is situated between latitudes 50° and 54° N, and longitudes 3° and 8° E.

  • Locations Latitude Longitude
    Cuijk 51°44'N05°50'E
    Delft 52°01'N04°22'E
    Delfziji 53°20'N06°55'E
    Den Burg 53°03'N04°47'E
    Den Haag 52°07'N04°17'E
    Den Helder 52°57'N04°45'E
    Den Oever 52°56'N05°02'E
    Deurne 51°27'N05°49'E
    Deventer 52°15'N06°10'E
    Doesburg 52°01'N06°09'E
    Doetinchem 51°59'N06°18'E
    Dokkum 53°20'N05°59'E
    Dollard 53°20'N07°10'E
    Dordrecht 51°48'N04°39'E
    Drachten 53°07'N06°05'E
    Drenthe 52°52'N06°40'E
    Dronten 52°32'N05°43'E
    East Schelde 51°33'N04°00'E
    Edam 52°31'N05°03'E
    Ede 52°04'N05°40'E
    Eindhoven 51°26'N05°28'E
    Emmeloord 52°44'N05°46'E
    Emmen 52°48'N06°57'E
    Enkhuizen 52°42'N05°17'E
    Enshcede 52°13'N06°53'E
    Epe 52°21'N05°59'E
    Ermelo 52°18'N05°35'E
    Europoort 51°57'N04°10'E
    Flevoland 52°30'N05°30'E
    Flushing 51°26'N03°34'E
    Franeker 53°12'N05°33'E
    Friesland 53°05'N05°50'E
    Gelderland 52°05'N06°10'E
    Geldrop 51°25'N05°32'E
    Geleen 50°57'N05°49'E
    Goeree 51°50'N04°00'E
    Goes 51°30'N03°55'E
    Gorinchem 51°50'N04°59'E
    Gouda 52°01'N04°42'E
    Gravenhage's 52°07'N04°17'E
    Groningen 53°15'N06°35'E
    Grouw 53°05'N05°51'E
    Haaksbergen 52°09'N06°45'E
    Haarlem 52°23'N04°39'E
    Hague 52°07'N04°17'E
    Hardenberg 52°34'N06°37'E
    Harderwijk 52°21'N05°38'E
    Harlingen 53°11'N05°25'E
    Heerenveen 52°57'N05°55'E
    Heerhugowaard 52°40'N04°51'E
    Heerlen 50°55'N05°58'E
    Hellevoetsluis 51°50'N04°08'E
    Helmond 51°29'N05°41'E
    Hengelo 52°16'N06°48'E
    Hertoenbosch's 51°42'N05°17'E
    Hillegom 52°18'N04°35'E
    Hilversum 52°14'N05°10'E
    Hoek van Holland 52°00'N04°07'E
    Holwerd 53°22'N05°54'E
    Hoogeveen 52°44'N06°28'E
    Hook of Holland 53°09'N04°07'E
    Hoorn 52°38'N05°04'E
    Hulst 51°17'N04°02'E
    I Jmuiden 52°28'N04°35'E
    I Jssel 52°35'N05°50'E
    I Jsselmeer 52°45'N05°20'E
    Kampen 52°33'N05°53'E
  • Locations Latitude Longitude
    Katwijk 52°12'N04°24'E
    Kerkrade 50°53'N06°04'E
    Klazienaveen 52°44'N0°00'E
    Kollum 53°17'N06°10'E
    Leek 53°10'N06°24'E
    Leeuwarden 53°15'N05°48'E
    Leiden 52°09'N04°30'E
    Lek 51°54'N04°35'E
    Lelystad 52°30'N05°25'E
    Lemmer 52°51'N05°43'E
    Limburg 51°20'N05°55'E
    Lochem 52°09'N06°26'E
    Maas 51°45'N04°32'E
    MedeMblik 52°46'N05°08'E
    Meppel 52°42'N06°12'E
    Middelburg 51°30'N03°36'E
    Nijkerk 51°50'N05°52'E
    Nijverdal 52°22'N06°28'E
    Noord Brabant51°40'N05°0'E
    Noord Holland 52°30'N04°45'E
    Noordbeveland 51°35'N03°50'E
    Noordoostpolder 52°45'N05°45'E
    Noordwijk 52°14'N04°26'E
    Oldenzaal 52°19'N06°53'E
    Ommen 52°31'N06°26'E
    Oosterhout 51°39'N04°47'E
    Oosterschelde 51°33'N04°0'E
    Oosterwolde 53°0'N 06°17'E
    Oss 51°46'N05°32'E
    Ouddorp 51°50'N3°57'E
    Oude Rijn 52°12'N04°24'E
    Overflakkee 51°44'N04°10'E
    Overijssel 52°25'N06°35'E
    Purmerend 52°32'N04°58'E
    Raalte 52°23'N06°16'E
    Roermond 51°12'N6°0'E
    Roosendaal 51°32'N4°29'E
    Rottumeroog 53°33'N6°34'E
    Rottweil 53°33'N6°34'E
    Schagen 52°49'N4°48'E
    Schiedam 51°55'N4°25'E
    Schouwen 51°43'N3°45'E
    Sittard 51°0'N5°52'E
    Sluis 51°18'N3°23'E
    Sneek 53°2'N5°40'E
    Soest 52°9'N5°19'E
    Terschelling 53°25'N5°20'E
    Texel 53°5'N4°50'E
    Tiel 51°53'N5°26'E
    Tilburg 51°31'N5°6'E
    Uden 51°40'N5°37'E
    Utrecht 52°5'N5°8'E
    Valkenswaard 51°21'N5°29'E
    Vechte 52°34'N6°6'E
    Veendam 52°2'N5°34'E
    Venlo 51°22'N6°11'E
    Venray 51°31'N6°0'E
    Vlieland 53°16'N4°55'E
    Vlissingen 51°26'N3°34'E
    Walcheren 51°30'N3°35'E
    Weert 51°15'N5°43'E
    West –Terscheling 53°22'N5°13'E
    Wolvega 52°52'N6°0'E
    Workum 52°59'N5°26'E
    Zaanstad 52°27'N4°50'E
    Zeeland 51°30'N3°50'E

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