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Full name: Romania
Capital City: Bucharest
Language: Romanian, Hungarian,
Currency: Leu
Religion: Eastern Orthodox, Protestant, Roman Catholic and some other languages.
National Anthem: "Desteapta-te, române" that can be interpreted as "Wake up, Romanian". Earlier another anthem was there, which goes this way: "Trei culori", meaning "Three Colours".
Newspaper: Adevarul, Bucarest Matin (French), Curentul, Evenimentul Zilei, Nine O'Clock, Romanian Libera, Romanian Economic Daily and so on.
Places to Visit: Bran castle, Brasov, Transylvania, Sinaia, Sighisoara, Southern Bucovina, Merry Cemetery, Muzeul Militar National, Palace of Parliament and many other attractive locations are there in Romania.
Transport: airways: Tarom airlines and frequent flights from place to place like Prague, Bucharest, Budapest, Sofia, Warsaw, Moscow and many. Roadways: Eurolines,
Shopping: Some handicrafts, antiques, exclusive jewellery items and much more things can be purchased in Romania.

The majestic churches and the mosques of this European country are worth visiting. Some of the special attractions of the country are imperial castles, exotic landscapes, medieval towns bearing historical significance and many more.

Physical Map Of Romania :
In Romania there are exotic uplands and beautiful landscapes spread all around. The low-lands all meet with the Black sea. The Carpathian Mountain range is the main attraction to the tourists.
Romania Map

Again the plains called Moldavia and Walachian are also covering a large portion of the country. The mountainous regions are very beautiful. Among the various Carpathian ranges in Romania the one that claims the highest elevation, is the Moldoveanu. It rises almost 2,544 meter high above the sea level. On the other hand the lowest point of the country is claimed by the Black Sea that is 0 meter high.

Algeria Location Map

Location Of Romania :
Romania is situated in the south-eastern zone of the European continent. The neighboring states that share border with Romania are Hungary, Serbia, Ukraine, Moldova and Bulgaria. Among these countries Hungary and Serbia are situated in the western side; Ukraine and Moldova lie in the northeastern region and in the southern region lies Bulgaria.

Romania Flag

Flag Of Romania :
A flag does not only represent a country's individuality, but it also bears some symbolic significance of the nation. The Romanian flag does also have some meaningful significance. The flag contains three colors; blue, yellow and red. Earlier the symbol of Romanian arms was also there drawn in the yellow section of the flag. However that part does not exist anymore in the flag. The flag of Romania has similarity with that of Andorra, Moldova and Chad.

Climate Of Romania :
While visiting a country you must gather some information on the weather and climactic conditions of the place. It helps you to prepare well. Romania's climate is not extreme in nature. Rather it can be described as moderate through the out the whole year. The winter months are cold and gloomy. A foggy weather determines the winter season. Snowfalls also occur often. On the other hand the summer months remain bright and sunny. You may also face heavy showers with thunder and lightning. Not only winter and summer, but other seasons like spring and autumn are also evident in Romania. These two seasons prevail over the country during the months of May and June. Try to visit the country during the months of September and October the best months to visit.

Flora And Fauna Of Romania :
Flora : Romania is a mountainous country in the Eastern Europe. Since it is surrounded by mountain ranges, the country is rich with various species of trees and plants. In different regions of the county you will get to see different type of plants. In the Moldavian and Walachian regions you will find lots of species of the grasses. Some of these are tall and deep-rooted; some are shallow-rooted etc.

Fauna : Similarly the animal world is also very rich in Romania with various species. Unique varieties of animals you will find in the country. Some famous species are lichamois, hares, marten, lynxes, foxes, deer, wolves, badgers, bears and many more species. Among the bird life also lots of species are found in the various corners of the country, especially in the Danube Delta.

People Of Romania :
Total population of Romania is 22,270,000. T he major part of the total population is covered by the native Romanians. However the Thracian tribes were the first dwellers of the country in the prehistoric era. They were also known as the Dacians. The other races of the large ethnic variety in Romania are the Hungarians, Roma, Ukrainians, Germansetc. Some other members of the minority also exist in the country. They are the Russians and the Turks.

Arts, Culture And Music Of Romania :
Art : In Romania painting is a very important section in the field of art. Painting of the religious gods and goddesses is a common practice in this country. Nicole Grigorescu is a very famous painter of Romania. He is primarily known for his impressionism. Some other famous personalities from the field of art are Mihai Eminescu, Mihail Kogalniceanu, Vasile Alecsandri, Andrei Muresanu, Nicolae Balcescu and so on. Rural crafts are also very popular in the country.

Culture: Since various tribes and races have gathered in the country, Romania has developed a diverse and ethnic cultural field. Caloianul is a festival and Dragaica is a harvesting custom of Romania. These are celebrated in the summer months.

Music : Similar to the art of the Romania, the musical field is also touched by ethnic diversity. The primary sections of music in this country are pop music, the hip hop, rock and roll, heavy metal music and many other forms of music. Some of the traditional folk music forms are also very famous.

The tarafs, Gypsy musicians and the music bands mainly perform these music forms. Banat, Bucovina, Crisana, Dobrogea, Maramures and Oas, Maramures and Oas etc are some of the very popular forms of the traditional Romanian folk music.

Economy Of Romania :
In Romania the economic status may be described as stable. The state is rich in its agricultural products such as grapes, corn, sugar beets, wheat, sunflower seed, potatoes, eggs, barley and other things. Romania depends on export business for the major part of its revenue. Some of the products that are exported to the foreign countries are some chemicals, metallic products, clothing, industrial machinery, electrical goods, pharmaceuticals and so on. The states with which Romania is mainly involved for the export trade, are Italy, Germany, France, UK, Hungary, US and Turkey. However Germany and Italy play the most important role in the business. Romania is planning to enlist its name as a member of the European Union in coming future.