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Autumn Season

Autumn, also termed as "fall" in North America is an intermediary phase in between summer and winter. Autumn is a specific season in the temperate zone. The end of summer signifies the arrival of autumn.
Autumn is characterized by mellowness. Autumn leaves have a reddish tinge which falls away during this season thereby paving the way for further growth.

Autumn Season
Autumn commences in the month of August or September in the north, while in the southern part, the season of autumn arrives in the month of March. This is a time when trees get rid of their old look in the process of shedding leaves. All these year, a particular belief has prevailed among the astrologers that September Equinox indicates the beginning of autumn which end with the December Solstice in the northern parts of the world. In the southern part, the arrival of autumn is indicated by the March Equinox and ends with the June Solstice.

Essence of Autumn
Autumn was also known as the harvest season in the earlier days. It is so because this season provides the ideal conditions for harvesting crops, fruits and vegetables. Wheat ripens during this season. In fact in United States, the famous harvest celebrations takes place during autumn. Autumn also signifies the Halloween season in United States. However, this season also has a melancholic overtone. Over the period, several meaningful poems have been written providing brilliant definition of the season. But John Keats's 'The Autumn' most beautifully grasps the essence of this Season.

Last Updated Date: May 18, 2016