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Arad is a county apart from being a city. Arad is enveloped by the Hungary on the right bank of the river Mure or Maros. The city of Arad has 190,114 inhabitants out of which 15.7% are Hungarians while 2.8% are Germans.
The neighboring communities of Arad are Nagyiratos, Felnac, Pecica, Vinga Livada, Vladimirescu, Sofronea and Zimandu Nou.

The city of Arad in Romania is as old as the Bronze, Dacian, Iron and Roman ages. The city of Arad at Romania has been named after the Knight Orod who served King Saint Stephen in the year 1029. Later the Castle Orod, better known as Arad became the capital of Arad County. Arad of Romania was a part of the County of Arad till 1551 in the Kingdom of Hungary. The Dozsa peasant revolt however destroyed the city in 1514. The Turks occupied the land in 1551, September 18. Arad remained under the Turkish rule till 1685. Ultimately the Treaty of Karlovac united it with Hungary.

Arad remained the district capital of the region from 1699 to 21741, along with being an essential part of the Military Borderlands. The Fort of Arad played a very crucial role in the war of independence in 1848-1849 and on Habsburgs' part bombarded the city. Arad was even elected as the capital of the Hungary from 02.08.1849 till 09.08.1849 before surrendering to the Russian troops on 17th August 1849.

Arad is surrounded by the Hunedoara County, Bihor County, Bekes County, Csongrad County, Timis County. Arad County is also an important part of the Danube-Kris-Mures-Tisa euroregion. The foreign investments at the city of Arad are in the section of Food, Machine and Automotive and textiles. Main tourist attractions include visiting the city of Arad, the Moneasa Resort, the Lipova Resort and the regions near the Peris, Savarsin, Pecica and Macea.