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Bacau is surrounded by the cities of Onesti and Bacau and the towns of Comanesti, Buhusi, Moinesti, Darmanesti, Targu Ocna and Slanic-Moldova. Bacau County engulfs almost seventy nine communities,
two cities and six towns. The capital of Bacau County is Bacau city. Among the native inhabitants of Bacau, some are Aaron Aaronsohn, Vasile Alecsandri, Angela Alupei and George Bacovia.

Bacau city is located on the foot of the Carpathian Mountains and over the banks of the river of Bistrita. Bacau is connected to Transylvania via the Ghimes Pass. The city is as old as 1408 when it was under the rule of Moldavian Prince Alexandru cel Bun. Bacau received its name from Bako, the Hungarian Innkeeper. This inn was supposed to be located on the road stretching from Bacau to Roman. According to another theory, Bacau got its name from the Proto-Slavic word 'byk' which means 'bull' or 'ox'. The reason behind this is the suitability of the Bacau region for the rearing of cattles.

Bacau at Romania is the homeland of the Roman Catholic Bishopric of Bacau. During the First World War, Bacau was the head-quarter of the Romanian Army. The Bacovia Dramatic Theater is located here along with the Bacau Athenaeum.

Transport facilities include flight services between Bucharest, Timisoara, Germany and Italy. The Railways help in connecting Bacau with Ukraine, Bulgaria and Russia. Road transportation connects various cities like the Romanian capital, Bucharest, Lasi and Suceava with Bacau.

The various municipalities of Bacau of Romania include Municipul Bacau, Municipul Onesti, Orasul Comanesti, Orasul Buhusi, Orasul Targu Ocna, Orasul Moinesti, Comuna Asau, Comuna Barsanesti, Comuna Balcani, Comuna Berzunti, Comuna Buhoki, Comuna Casin and Comuna Caiuti.

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