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Pitcairn Island

Full namePitcairn Islands
Capital CityAdamstown
LanguageEnglish, Pitcairnese
CurrencyNew Zealand Dollar
ReligionSeventh-Day Adventist
National Anthem"Come Ye Blessed"
NewspaperPitcairn Miscellany is the only one newspaper in this island.
Places to VisitAcadia Island, Bounty Bay, Henderson Island etc are some of the tourist attractions that you must visit in the country.
TransportAirways: In Pitcairn Island there is no airport.
ShoppingWalking Canes, woodcarvings, longboats, pitcairn wheelbarrows, vases, name plates, bounty cannon, serving dishes, dolls, handcrafted wooden magnets, barrette hairclips etc are can be bought in cheap prices in this country.

Introduction To Pitcairn Island : The people discovered the Pitcairn Island in the year 1767. The island is very beautiful and rich with natural beauty. Enjoy your trip to the fullest.

Location Of Pitcairn Island : Pitcairn Island is located in the southern regions of the Pacific Ocean. Pitcairn Island consists of four small islands. All of these form a British colony. Peru and New Zealand are the two bordering countries of the island.

Pitcairn Island Map

Physical Map Of Pitcairn Island : Pitcairn Island is full of coastal regions and volcanic regions on its face. Mountains, highlands and lowlands are also there. The highest elevation of the island is the Pawala Valley Ridge peak that rises almost 347 meters above the sea level. Pacific Ocean on the other hand is the lowest point of the country.

Climate Of Pitcairn Island : You must gather details about the climate of the country you are going to visit. The climate of Pitcairn Island can be termed as tropical. The weather remains warm and wet throughout the year. The temperature of the country swings between 10°C and 43°C. the rainy season continues from November and March. On the other hand, July and August are dry months.

Flora And Fauna Of Pitcairn Island :

•  Flora : The vegetation of the island is diverse. In the forets you can find various species of Ixora fragrans, sandalwood, Santalum insulare, Metrosideros collina, Ctenitis cumingii, Pyrrosia serpens, leafless orchid, Taeniophyllum fasciola, Capparis cordifolia, Hibiscus australensis and so on.

•  Fauna : Animal kingdom is also very rich with rare species of birds. Some of these are Booby, Hermit crab, Henderson Dove, Henderson Rail, Henderson Parrot, Henderson Warbler and Henderson Petrel etc.

People Of Pitcairn Island : The total population of the country is almost 45. Pitcairn is a very small island. The Bounty mutineers' descendants form the majority of the country. The official language of the country is English. However, Pitcairnese is also widely spoken in the various regions of the country.

Art, Culture And Music Of Pitcairn Island :

•  Art : Cane works; woodcarvings, handcrafted wooden magnets etc are practiced in this country. Besides that painting is also considered as an important section of art. Longboats are also made in various pats of the country.

•  Culture : Pitcairn Island has developed a diverse cultural atmosphere. Tahitian influence can be percieved in the tradition of Pitcairn Island. English influence can also be seen in the music and ance of the country.

•  Music : The music of the island country reflects the influence of New Zealand and Peru. Music and dance are two integral parts of the country's cultural. The folk music is still very popular.

Pitcairn Island Flag
Flag of Pitcairn Island The flag of Pitcairn Island is very colorful. It features the flag of UK in the upper corner of the hoist side. The other half of the flag bears the coat of arms of Pitcairn Island in the center. The coat of arms has three colors i.e. green, yellow and light blue. It bears a shield that features an anchor colored is yellow.

Economy Of Pitcairn Island : Fishing and farming are two integral parts of the economy of Pitcairn Island. Besides those handicrafts is also an occupation in this island. The natural resources of the country are miro trees and different varieties of fishes. However, iron, copper, manganese, gold, zinc, silver etc are also being found in this country. The primary agricultural products are honey, wide variety of fruits, vegetables etc. The fast growing industries are handicraft industry, postage stamps industry, beekeeping industry, honey industry and so on. The materials that are exported to foreign countries are machinery, sugar, building materials, fuel oil, flour etc.