Sichuan travel

The significant diversity of culture, cuisine, noteworthy blend of multi ethnic heritage amidst of unexplored lush nature and with abundant assemblage of resources are waiting to be explored. This unique combination with typical climatic condition has bestowed the province of Sichuan as a place with difference and a region to Travel. As a result, traveling to Sichuan would be an amazing experience for the travelers across the world.

This fifth large province of China is ready to embrace the tourists with its cordial warmness. Several 'places of interest' with escapades are there to cater the tourists with amusement and pleasure and to make their Sichuan travel memorable. The variety of natural marvels is implied in the name of Sichuan which signifies "four circuits of rivers and ravines". Several world famed historical and spectacular places with natural wonders like Dujiangyan Irrigation System, Amazing Lashan Giant Buddha, Mountain of Qingcheng, the Long valley, the Wolong Nature Reserve (widely renowned for Giant Panda) are some of the major attractions of this province.

The travelers interested to travel to Sichuan will enjoy the incredible natural beauty of the Province. Around the Province of Sichuan the 'must visit' places unveil a world of wonder and delight. A few of those 'points of interest' incorporates the places as following:

Douchuan Hill :  This amazing hill is located in the eastern shore area of the river of Fujiang. Three magnificent peaks of this mountain range are graced with ancient temples. These highest points of the range are linked with suspension bridge called "Flying Bridge of Douchuan Hill" which is made of cast-iron chains.

Mt.Gonogga, Hailuogou : This highest peak of the province of Sichuan is popular in the name of "The king of Shu Mountains". The flawless thick layers of snow in all seasons presents Mt.Gonogga as a picturesque wonder of nature in view of the travelers.

The other spectacular attractions of the province of Sichuan are : 
  • Zigong Dinosaur Museum
  • Qianfo Cliff
  • Jiuzhaigou
  • Anyue Stone Inspcription
  • Xichang
  • Hongyun

Situated in the central region of Southwestern part of China, Sichuan provides a great array of must visit places for the travelers in addition to several captivating scenic discoveries, enriched historical remnants and several regional traditions. Most of the places are entitled as "World's Natural and Cultural Heritages".

Last Updated on: October 11th, 2017