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Sichuan Province popular in the name of 'Kingdom of Abundance '

offers abundant historical relics and wide verdant meadows to the tourists in order to consummate their Sichuan tour . Located amidst the central region of Southwestern part of China, Sichuan Basin provides a great spectrum of Visiting places for the tourists who come for Sichuan tour including several spectacular scenic discoveries, magnificent historical remnants and variety of regional and folk traditions. Most of the places visited in the Sichuan tour are considered as "World's Natural and Cultural Heritages".

Sichuan is endowed with extremely fertile soil and specific climatic condition which is suitable for flourishing vegetation and the lush beauty of nature. The typical weather of eastern part of Sichuan is characterized by balmy winter, temperate summer, profuse rainfall and fog, intense humidity and very mild sunshine. Typical Highland climate features the weather condition of western region of Sichuan and distinguishes this from the eastern.

Tour in Sichuan can be categorized in some significant phases according to the places' fame and importance. Among these phases the first one includes the three world renowned unique treasures of Sichuan:

  • Sanxingdui, famous for ancient Shu Culture
  • The Valley of Jiuzhaigou , a wonderland
  • The Giant Panda, State Treasure of Sichuan

Other two phases incorporate Dujiangyan Irrigation System, Amazing Lashan Giant Buddha, Mountain of Qingcheng, the Long valley, the Wolong Nature Reserve. Besides those must visit places some other notable spectacular attractions of the province of Sichuan are:

  • Zigong Dinosaur Museum
  • Baoguang Monastery
  • Douchuan Hill
  • Qianfo Cliff
  • Jiuzhaigou
  • Emei Mountain
  • Anyue Stone Inspcription
  • Three Sus Temple in Meishan
  • Xichang
  • Hongyun

Several well-organized Sichuan tours are conducted to visit and notice those amazing 'points of interests' more meticulously. One of those wonderful tours is as following:

Sichuan Eco Tour: The terrain of Sichuan is pervaded with rivers and their tributaries, wide variety of animals and forests. This diversity is the main inspiration of the Eco tour in Sichuan. The Eco tour routes include Shunan and Zigong Bamboo Sea, Mt. Gongga, Conch Valley Gracier Forrest Park and Jainmen pass and ancient Eco-project Tour.

The other noteworthy Sichuan Tours are:

  • Sichuan Folk Customs Tour
  • Sichuan Archeology Focus Tour
  • Sichuan Giant Panda exploration tour
  • Chengdu Coty Tour
  • Buddhism Study Tour
  • Sichuan Landscape Sightseeing Tour

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