Sichuan food

The world admired Sichuan Food or Sichuan Cuisine is also popular in the name of Szechuan Cuisine . This cuisine is more than 700 years old and was initiated during the dynasty of Song.

Nowadays Sichuan Food has achieved a well earned repute across the world for its sizzling and benumbing features added by its chief ingredient called ‘Sichuan peppercorn'. The range of other ingredients includes spices like ginger, specific piquant herbaceous plants and chillies. Those spices and herbs are mainly collected from the regions of Sichuan with weather featured by humidity, temperate summer. The significant specific spice and herb processing methods contain several phases like preserving method, specific drying procedure and smoldering method. Next those processed herbs and spices are salted to preserve for longer.

The popular dishes of Sichuan Foods are characterized by sizzling, spicy and pungent flavor with an unusual piquant and brackish taste. These magnificent dishes are prepared with Soya Sauce made in Zhongba, Special cookery vinegar of Baoning, Fresh mustard herbs from Fuling, Pixian Bean sauce, Chili sauce of Chogqing. The general methods of Sichuan food preparation incorporate some specific steps as:

  • Swift Stir sautéing
  • Swift Frying
  • Steaming
  • Quick Preparation

This swift processing let the food stuffs remain very delicate and refreshed and tasty as well. Fish, Kidney, Liver and Beef are very common subject of the Sichuan delicacies. The steamed or light fried flesh of Beef is often served with thick spicy flavored gravy to make the dish more delicious.

Some of the well liked sizzling dishes with pungent taste and flavor are as following:
  • Sichuan hotpot
  • Dan Dan Noodles
  • Fuqi Feipian
  • Tea Smoked duck
  • Shuizhu Dishes
  • Mapo Dofu
  • Kung Pao Chicken
  • Twice Cooked Pork
  • Chongqing Spicy Deep Fried Chicken

Other than those alluring and mouthwatering food stuffs, the Sichuan Cuisine include a number of toothsome munchies and dessert dishes. A few of those delicious dishes are lantern Shadow beef, Bangbang Chicken, Chicken graced with paste of Sesame, ‘Husband and Wife's pork lung slices and ‘rice dumpling stuffed with sesame paste', Noodles served with chili sauce.

Last Updated on: October 11th, 2017