Chengdu City

The City of Chengdu holds a significant position in ancient Economic, Cultural and administrative history of China. Situated in the South western part of China, this capital of Sichuan Province is widely renowned for its cultural heritage amid unparallel natural beauty.
Approx 2000 years ago Shu Dynasty established their capital in Chengdu. This thousands years old city has derived its unique name in the Chinese word for "The Country of Paradise". Another name which denotes the city of Chengdu is "Brocade City" or "Jin Cheng".

Nowadays this city of Chengdu is proclaimed as one of the sub provincial cities of Sichuan. The wide area of the city which provides the habitats to more than 10,000,000 is more about 12,000 km². City of Chengdu located in the border of west Basin of Sichuan, is featured by the balmy winter and moist. Snow is not common in the winter of Chengdu except certain amount of frost every year. The hot summer lasts for long in this city. Rain takes its permanent shelter in Chengdu but attains its zenith in the season of summer. The Climatic Condition in spring time is most fascinating.

This City holds the traces of three renowned Chinese Dynasties.

Several remnants and historical relics, various temples and monasteries are scattered here and there amid amazing nature and gushing river shores. Some of the "must visit" points of Chengdu include:
  • The residence of Du Fu, renowned poet of Tang Dynasty
  • Taoist Qingcheng Mountain
  • Buddhist Wenshu Monastery
  • Qingyang Temple
  • The Chengdu zoo
  • Panda Breeding Base
  • Chongzhou Anzi river
  • JiuFeng Mountain
  • Xiling Mountain

Other than these the visiting sites around Chengdu are Longquan Lake, Chaoyang Lake, Huashuiwan Hot Spring and verdant Dujiangyan Longchi National Forest Park.

Several Chengdu cuisines have made the diversity of world Famous Sichuan Cuisine more enriched. This amazing brilliant cuisine has added elegance to the cultural heritage of Chengdu. Featured by popular peppercorn some toothsome dishes of Chengdu Cuisines include Chengdu Hot Pot, Mapo Doufu and Dan Dan Noodles.

The City of Chengdu incorporate several updates industries and is designed with a number of general and international standard markets. Besides this, Chengdu is the main research hub for Chinese traditional medicine with latest techniques of modern pharmaceuticals. Chengdu has allured several multinational companies including Microsoft to establish their business center.

Last Updated on: October 11th, 2017