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Where is Venezuela ?
The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela is a tropical country situated on the northern coast of South America. It is bordered by Colombia to the west, Guyana to the east, and Brazil to the south.
Venezuela Map
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Christopher Columbus was the first European to arrive in the region of Venezuela. He discovered the region during his 3rd expedition of the New World in 1498. Upon his arrival, several groups of tribes were found to inhabit the land, which were the Arawak, the Carib, and Chibcha Indians.
Spanish explorers came in 1521, who arrived and colonized the northeastern coast. By 1522, Nueva Toledo was established, becoming the first Spanish settlement in South America. It was Spanish explorer Alonso de Ojeda who named the region Venezuela, which means "Little Venice," after seeing houses built on stilts at Lake Maracaibo.

In 1567, Caracas the capital city, was founded.

During the late 1700's, movements for independence against the Spanish rule started to begin. Venezuela was a neglected colony, with much of its natural resources exploited by Spain. In 1810, Venezuelan independence leaders took advantage of Napoleon Bonaparte's invasion of Spain to declare independence. In 1811, the Act was signed but this was met with resistance from the Spanish leaders, leading to the Venezuelan War of Independence.

Liberation came in 1821 when Simon Bolivar won the Battle of Caraboro, freeing several of Spain's colonies in South America. Bolivar formed the republic of Gran Colombia, which included Venezuela, Colombia, northern Peru, Ecuador, Panama, northwest Brazil, and western Guyana. The republic was short lived and Venezuela became a separate independent nation in 1830.

Venezuela is a country located in north South America. It has a total of 2,800 km of coastline in the north, and its territory includes a number of islands in the Caribbean, as well as in its northeast border facing the Atlantic Ocean.

Venezuela is bordered by Colombia to the West, Guyana to the east, and Brazil to the south. It is a tropical country with a vast range of abundant flora and fauna.

The land is divided into 4 regions: the wide Orinoco plains in central Venezuela, the northern mountains, the Maracaibo lowlands in the northwest, and the Guiana highlands in the southeast.

Venezuela is a federal presidential republic governed by a constitution. The President is the chief executive, head of state, head of government, and head of a dominant-party system. The dominant party if the United Socialist Party of Venezuela.

Executive power is exercised by the President, while Legislative power is exercised by the 165-member National Assembly.

Venezuela is rich with natural resources but its economic dependence on its oil exportation has led to the neglect of its tourism industry. Because of this, there is a major lack of tourist infrastructure in the country - lacking major hotels and accommodation for different types of travelers. However, the tourism industry is taking actions to increase the number of international tourists, with the goal of attracting at least 1 million foreign travelers each year.

Venezuela is filled with exotic sights and historic cities. Among these and the most popular is Caracas - which is the capital city. Caracas is progressive and multi-ethnic, and boasts of a thriving nightlife scene, plenty of metropolitan restaurants, museums, and historic areas. Among the must-visit sights are Plaza Bolivar, The Cathedral, Government Palace, and the City Hall.

Canaima National Park is Venezuela's most popular tourist destination, mainly due to the Angel Falls - which is considered to be the tallest waterfalls in the world. At 1002 meters high, it is 19 times higher than the Niagara Falls. The Park itself totals 30,000 square kilometers, where tourists can find a vast range of rare and interesting flora and fauna.

Margarita Island can be found in the Caribbean Sea, located east of the capital of Caracas, and boasts of being a favorite among international tourists. It has a vast coastline, packed with lagoons and beaches, perfect for surfers and sunbathers. Its eastern side is filled with clubs, big hotels, duty-free shopping, and colonial architecture, while its west is defined by a paradise of arid mountains.

Venezuela has a high standard of education. Its literacy rate is 95% - which is higher than most South American countries. However, poverty in the rural areas causes children to miss school due to having to work for the family.

Students in primary school attend classes in shifts: either from early morning to 1:30 in the afternoon, or early afternoon till 6pm at night.

Education in Venezuela starts in preschool and the first 9 years of formal education is compulsory. Higher education in public universities is free and there are over 90 institutions in the entire country.

  • Venezuela was the biggest oil exporter in the world in the early 1900's. In fact, they are one of the founding members of the OPEC together with Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, and Kuwait.
  • Venezuela's most popular sport is baseball - compared to soccer for most of the South American countries.
  • Venezuela is the home of the most number of Miss Universe and Miss World winners.

Last Updated On : June 25, 2015

Flag of Venezuela was officially adopted on 12th March 2006. The Venezuela's flag is a tricolor consisting of horizontal stripes of yellow, blue and red color. The blue stripe in the middle also has a set of stars.
ContinentSouth America
Lat Long10°30'N66°58'W
Largest CityCaracas
Official LanguageSpanish
Major Religion56.9% of the Rwanda's population is Roman Catholic, 26% is Protestant, 11.1% is Seventh-day Adventist, 4.6% is Muslim, 1.7% claims no religious affiliation, and 0.1% practices traditional indigenous beliefs
National dayFrom Spain - 5 July 1811, from Gran Colombia - 13 January 1830 , Recognized - 30 March 1845, Curren
Form of GovernmentFederal presidential constitutional republic
PresidentNicolas Maduro
Vice PresidentJorge Arreasa
CurrencyBolivar fuerte (VEF)
GDP$408.805 billion 2013 estimate
Calling code58
Time ZoneVET (UTC-4½)

Target5.5 Million

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