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Where is Venezuela ?
The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela is a tropical country situated on the northern coast of South America. It is bordered by Colombia to the west, Guyana to the east, and Brazil to the south.
Venezuela Map
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Surrounded by North Atlantic Ocean and Carribean Sea Venezuela lies on the northern front of South America. Guyana, Colombia and Brazil share borders with Venezuela. Venezuela map focuses on the entire physiography of the country.

Along with the natural vegetation and politically significant areas the map of Venezuela also indicates different places of interest located across the length and breadth of the country.

As per the census of July 2007 the total population of Venezuela is 26,023,528. Caracas is the capital city and Spanish is the official language of Venezuela. Iron ore mining, construction, motor parts, steel, petroleum and textiles are the major industrial sectors of Venezuela.

Last Updated On : April 19, 2013

Flag of Venezuela was officially adopted on 12th March 2006. The Venezuela's flag is a tricolor consisting of horizontal stripes of yellow, blue and red color. The blue stripe in the middle also has a set of stars.
ContinentSouth America
Lat Long10°30'N66°58'W
Largest CityCaracas
Official LanguageSpanish
Major Religion56.9% of the Rwanda's population is Roman Catholic, 26% is Protestant, 11.1% is Seventh-day Adventist, 4.6% is Muslim, 1.7% claims no religious affiliation, and 0.1% practices traditional indigenous beliefs
National dayFrom Spain - 5 July 1811, from Gran Colombia - 13 January 1830 , Recognized - 30 March 1845, Curren
Form of GovernmentFederal presidential constitutional republic
PresidentNicolas Maduro
Vice PresidentJorge Arreasa
CurrencyBolivar fuerte (VEF)
GDP$408.805 billion 2013 estimate
Calling code58
Time ZoneVET (UTC-4½)

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