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States of Venezuela

There are twenty three states in Venezuela, each of which has its own remarkable history and culture. Apart from these states of Venezuela, the nation also has one federal district and
one federal dependency comprising 72 islands. The federal district of Venezuela is Caracas, its capital.

The government ruling the states in Venezuela is federal republic type. All the states in Venezuela have their own distinctive flags and state coat of arms. Numerous land forms such as mountains, hills, rivers, waterfalls and lakes are located in various states. There are many states in Venezuela, which are important from the point of view of economy.

States of Venezuela
Some of the prominent states in Venezuela are:
  • Caracas is not only the capital of the Venezuela, but an important state of the nation as well. The culture, museum of modern art and the significant international Theater Festival are the highlights of Caracas.

  • Bolivar supports many crucial industries related to farming and mining and even aids in the production of hydroelectric power. The national parks of the state attract tourists from all over the world.

  • Barinas produces a number of agricultural products such as cambur, sunflower, banana, coffee, sesame, cacao, tobacco rice and much more.

  • The rapidly prospering industries of Carabobo and the state's great agricultural produce are commendable.

  • The beautiful forests and savannas of Cojedes contribute to the tourism industry in a big way. The other states in Venezuela, which are both beautiful and help in the nation's development are Amazonas, Aragua, Apure, Falcon, Delta Amaruco, Merida, Lara and more.

AmazonasPuerto Ayacucho70,464180,145
ApureSan Fernando (de Apure)377,75676,500
BolívarCiudad Bolívar1,214,846238,000
CojedesSan Carlos253,10514,800
Delta AmacuroTucupita97,98740,200
Dependencias Federales 1,651120
Distrito CapitalCaracas1,836,286433
Falcón(Santa Ana de) Coro763,18824,800
GuáricoSan Juan (de los Morros)627,08664,986
MirandaLos Teques2,330,8727,950
Nueva EspartaLa Asunción373,8511,150
TáchiraSan Cristóbal992,66911,100
VargasLa Guaira298,1091,497
YaracuySan Felipe499,0497,100

  Major States In Venezuela  

Last Updated : April 17, 2014