Tachira Map

by Vishal Kumar

Tachira is a state in west Venezuela to the south west of the Andean Cordillera. Lying to the east of Colombia, Tachira state in Venezuela covers an area of approximately 11,100…

Tachira Map

Tachira is a state in west Venezuela to the south west of the Andean Cordillera. Lying to the east of Colombia, Tachira state in Venezuela covers an area of approximately 11,100 sq. km. The geographical location of this Venezuela state is 7.51 N and 72.27 W.

Tachira climate

Tachira climate is predominantly tropical in nature. The temperature ranges between 10º C and 20º C. Since the state is in the Andean region, the temperatures are comparatively lower than the other low lying Venezuela states. Rainfall ranges between 200cm – 400cm.. Tachira in Venezuela receives considerable rain in April and November.

Tachira agriculture

Tachira is predominantly an agricultural state with coffee and sugarcane as the main cash crops cultivated here. All the industries are agriculture based and located in rural areas. Many industries are of the small scale variety in these rural locations.

Tachira tourist attractions
Tachira state is famous for its national parks. The famed national parks in Tachira in Venezuela include:

  • Chorra El Indio –

    This national park in the south west region of the Andes mountains is full of rivers and creeks. This cloudy forested area has a vegetation of montane, premontane and low montane trees. The animal life is made up of False paca, peccaries, spectacled bears, and margays. Accommodation is available in the nearby villages.

  • Paramos Batallon y la Negra –

    This 65,000 hectare national park is also located in the mountainous Andes region. This humid forest has a vegetation mixture of sub-Andean paramo, pluvial montane and humid montane plants. The fauna consists of spectacled bear, porcupine, mountain coati, the Andean paca, and shrew. Lodges and local houses provide accommodation to tourists traveling to this national park.

  • El Tama –

    This Tachira national park is situated at the foot of the Andes south of San Cristobal. This national park on the Colombian border is noted for its sub-Alpine paramo vegetation and tropical cloud forest. Venezuelan wood quail, Rufous wren, collared inca, and sunangel are some of the beautiful birds to be observed here. Travelers can lodge in the village huts located nearby.

Municipalities of Tachira State (Estado)

Municipality Capital Population Area(km.²)
Andrés Bello Cordero 16,474 102
Antonio Rómulo Costa Las Mesas 7,110 130
Ayacucho Colón 48,982 507
Bolívar San Antonio del Táchira 48,171 198
Cárdenas Táriba 94,178 267
Córdoba Santa Ana del Táchira 26,475 618
Fernández Feo San Rafael del Piñal 34,176 1,130
Francisco de Miranda San José de Bolívar 3,632 280
García de Hevia La Fria 41,863 911
Guasimos Palmira 32,545 38
Independencia Capacho Nuevo 29,760 67
Jauregui La Grita 36,660 480
José María Vargas EL Cobre 8,038 229
Junín Rubio 68,869 326
Libertad Capacho Viejo 23,670 142
Libertador Abejales 17,744 1,130
Lobatera Lobatera 10,427 216
Michelena Michelena 16,269 113
Panamericano Coloncito 29,594 569
Pedro María Ureña Ureña 37,392 184
Rafael Urdaneta Delicias 6,239 187
Samuel Darío Maldonado La Tendida 13,847 548
San Cristóbal San Cristóbal 250,307 248
San Judas Tadeo Umuquena 6,801 261
Seboruco Seboruco 9,064 157
Simón Rodríguez San Simón 2,181 70
Sucre Queniquea 8,189 407
Torbes San Josecito 42,192 123
Uribante Pregonero 21,820 1,462

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