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Venezuela Sports

In Venezuela, sports play an important role in people's lives. A wide array of games are played in Venezuela such as tennis, baseball and football. These sporting activities in Venezuela are not always played for
fun, they often are taken up as full-fledged profession. Sports Venezuela is an integral part of the cultural life of the Venezuelans.

Baseball Playing in Venezuela
Baseball is one of the most popular games played in Venezuela. Venezuela is known to produce some of the most skilled baseball players in the world for instance Luis Aparicio. The national Venezuelan Baseball team is one of the most competent teams that plays world-class baseball. Many of the Venezuelan players have been employed by Major League teams in Northern America.

Football Playing in Venezuela
In the past few decades, football has also acquired a place in the heart of every Venezuelan. Youngsters are taking an active interest in this particular game. The national football team of Venezuela has been representing their country in several matches and has eventually gained world-class recognition.

Tennis Playing in Venezuela
Tennis playing is also quite popular amongst the Venezuelans. People of Venezuela look forward to the Venezuelan Fed Cup and Venezuelan Davis Cup where the Venezuelan players compete with the North American teams.

Venezuela Sports is incomplete without these games, which are as follows:
  • Para gliding in the region of the Andes
  • Horseback riding across the Paramo grasslands
  • Canyoning is a very famous game played mostly in the region of Merida
  • Bull-fighting traditionally known as "toros coleados" is an exciting game that involves lot of risk

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