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Connecticut Map (CT)

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Where is Connecticut ?
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Nicknamed "The Constitution State" Connecticut (CT) played an important role in the development of federal government and is the and 29th most populous state.
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Connecticut State Map is a section where you can explore Connecticut Location Map, Connecticut County Map, Connecticut Road Network Map, Connecticut Rail Network Map, Connecticut State Profile, Connecticut States Symbols, Connecticut State Flag, Connecticut States School and Colleges, Connecticut Airports Map and List of Hotels in Connecticut. Maps of Connecticut are of great help to everyone from students, researchers to travelers, executives.

Connecticut Map shows that Connecticut is bordered by Long Island Sound, New York State, Massachusetts and Rhode Island. The state capital of Connecticut is Hartford and other major cities are New Haven, New London, Norwich, Bridgeport, etc.

Connecticut (CT) Maps show that Connecticut is divided into eight counties named Litchreld, Hardford, Jolland, New London, New Heaven, Fairfield, Middlesex, Windham etc. Connecticut is a historically significant state as it was among the Thirteen colonies that revolted against British rule in the American Revolution.

Hartford city : Situated in east central Indiana, Hartford city is very close to Ball State University. The outstanding feature of the City of Hartford is its efficient government. A Hartford Civic Center, a sports and convention complex and owned and operated by Madison Square Garden Connecticut exists is located in Hartford Connecticut. People in the city enjoy their Hartford life where they are provided with all facilities.

Education : The Connecticut State University System is the largest public university system in the state, with four universities in it. The University of Connecticut is one of the premiere education systems in the state. The Central Connecticut State University and the Southern Connecticut State University are also among the most sought after education institutes in the state.

Flag of connecticut
Adopted on 9th September 1897 flag of Connecticut has an azure blue background on which there is a white shield with three purple grapevines.
Joined the UnionJan 9, 1788
NicknameThe Constitution State
Largest CityBridgeport
Area5,543 sq miles
Highest PointMassachusetts border on south slope of Mount Frissell
Lowest PointLong Island Sound
Time ZoneEastern: UTC-5
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