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Rhode Island Map (RI)

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Where is Rhode Island
Nicknamed "The Ocean State" Rhode Island (RI) is the 8th least populous state of the US and was among the first colony to declare independence from the British Rule.
Rhode Island (RI) Map
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History of Rhode Island
Rhode Island was inhabited since the earliest times by Native Americans, specifically the Wampanoag, Narragansett and Niantic tribes.
However, most of these tribes diminished after diseases acquired through contact by French settlers and explorers as well as after warfare with the Europeans.

Roger Williams, in 1636, settled on the land granted to him in what is now Rhode Island after being banished from the Massachusetts Bay Colony for his views on religion. It was hence sometimes referred to as "Rogue's Island".

Rhode Island was first among the original 13 colonies to declare themselves independent from British rule. However, the State was the last of the 13 original colonies to ratify the US Constitution.

Rhode Island is officially called the State of Rhode Island and Provident Plantations. It is a state near the New England region of the U.S. The state is the smallest in area, eigth least in overall population but second most densely populated, second only to New Jersey. The state is bordered by Connecticut and Massachusetts. It also shares a water boundary with New York in the southwest.

The nickname of the state is the “Ocean State” owing to its multiple large bays and inlets, which make up 14% of the total area of the state. The total area of the land of the state is 1,045 square miles (2,710 sq km).The state has a number of oceanfront beaches. Rhode Island does not have any real mountains and is mostly flat terrain.

The state of Rhode Island is ideal for travel. It has a number of tourist beaches and resorts. These include Newport, Watch Hill, Block Island, and Narragansett. Anothe rgreat tourist site is the Newport mansions: these are fabled extravagant cottages showing the grandeur of an age gone by.

The Benefit Street's Mile of History is an impressive collection of colonial homes in the U.S. Other attractions include the Providence Children's Museum, Roger Williams Park, Pawtucket Red Sox, Block Island, and much more. There are multiple options for those interested in the performing arts as well.

The state of Rhode Island is home to one of the most prestigious universities in the world: Brown. Apart from this, there are several schools, both primary and secondary, in the state. The state also has several other universities and colleges such as Providence College, Rhode Island College, Naval War College, University of Rhode Island, Bryant University, etc.
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Adopted officially on 1st November 1897 Rhode Island flag has a white background which consists of thirteen stars surrounding the golden anchor and a blue ribbon which has hope written on it
Joined the UnionMay 29, 1790
NicknameOcean State
Largest CityProvidence
Area98,381 sq miles
Highest pointJerimoth Hill
Lowest pointAtlantic Ocean
Time ZoneUTC -5/-4

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