Oklahoma Travel

Oklahoma City , the capital of Oklahoma County, is one of the most important cities of the USA with a wide range of travel destinations. This city, with an urban settlement,is a metroplex which has numerous attractive travel destinations within its boundaries.

Oklahoma travel destinations include several entertainment districts, parks, theaters, gardens, bridges etc. The Oklahoma travel guide includes the following entertainment districts:

Bricktown: Bricktown is one of the most popular Oklahoma travel destinations of the city. It is one of the fastest growing entertainment districts in the Southwest. Bricktown Oklahoma city is an historic place that has been reestablished into a lively city with a bright nightlife, restaurants, dance clubs, music centers, markets, and a movie complex and many other attractions.

Asia District: The Asia District houses many restaurants serving Vietnamese, Chinese, Thai, Korean, Filipino, and Japanese cuisines, Asian markets, store, and attractions which portray the Asian culture.

Capitol Hill: The Capitol Hill is the hub of Latin businessmen in the city. It houses many restaurants and developed markets.

Paseo Arts District: This small Spanish village was built in 1929 to the north of downtown Oklahoma City along the Paseo Drive as the first commercial shopping district.

The artists' community of Oklahoma City resides here. This place has a few well kept modern bars and restaurants. Its other attraction is the arts festival that is organized during the spring season.

Stockyard City: Stockyards City is situated at the Agnew Exit South of I-40 to Exchange Avenue and holds the leading wholesale and live stock markets in the world.

The gaslights and wooden storefronts of the Stockyard City recall the memories of the past. Many special events have developed which act as the basic attraction of the place. They are Longhorn Cattle Drive that takes place in the month of December, the footpath sales between the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons, and the Stockyards Stampede that takes place annually on the first weekend of the month June.

Some of the other travel attractions in the Oklahoma City are:
  • The Myriad Botanical Garden.
  • The Oklahoma City Zoo
  • The National Cowboy Museum
  • Western Heritage Museum
  • The Smithsonian Muse
  • The Oklahoma City National Memorial
  • Oklahoma City Museum of Art.
  • Penn Square Mall
  • Crossroads Mall
  • Lake Hefner
  • Lake Stanley Draper

Last Updated on: September 06th, 2017