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Oklahoma County Map

by Vishul Malik

Oklahoma consists of 77 counties. It ranks at 17th position in terms of number of counties.

Oklahoma County Map


Oklahoma is home to seventy seven counties and holds the twentieth position in terms of size. Initially the state was home to only seven counties, namely, Kingfisher, Cleveland, Logan, Canadian, Oklahoma, Payne, and Beaver. These seven counties were designated numerically while the new additions were designated alphabetically. Later, the first seven counties were renamed and the Oklahoma Constitutional Convention made it a point to rename all counties when the state stepped into statehood in the year 1907.

As per the Constitution of Oklahoma, any county will be disorganized in case the total taxable property is not more than 2.5 million dollars. In that case, about one fourth of the total population signs a petition followed by a voting. Based on the majority of votes, the county will be merged with the minimum taxable property valuation.

Below mentioned are some of the counties of Oklahoma:

Canadian County : Spread across 900 square miles, the Canadian County was founded in 1890. The city, El Reno, is its county seat. It holds the fifth position amongst the most populated counties in Oklahoma. Located on the west central region of the state, the county is noted for its rich and varied history. The county is surrounded by Cleveland and Oklahoma counties on the east, Kingfisher on the north, Blaine County on the northwest, Caddo County on the southwest, and Grady on the south. The latest additions to the county are the cities of Okarche, Piedmont, Calumet, Mustang, Union City, and Yukon.

On the tour to the Canadian County, some of the major attractions that are worth visiting, include Beecham Cemetery, Canadian County Court House, Canadian County Historical Museum, Cowboy Camp Springs, El Reno Municipal Swimming Pool Bath House, Historical Fort Reno, Goff House, Chisholm Trail, Lucky Star Casino, Lake El Reno, and Express Ranch Clydesdales.

Besides, the county is also home to several schools and colleges like Redlands Community College, Canadian Valley Technology Center, Banner Public School, Darlington Public School, Maple Public School, and Riverside Public School, to name a few.

Cleveland County: Cleveland County was ready for settlement on 22 April 1889. It,s one among the seven counties that was included in the Oklahoma Territory in the year 1890 and whose county seat is Norman. The county got its name from President Grover Cleveland and is home to the largest university of the state; i.e. the University of Oklahoma in Norman.

The major industries of this county are horse breeding, oil production, and farming. On the trip to the Cleveland County, some of the must see attractions, include Little River State Park, Lake Draper and Thunderbird, Oklahoma Museum of Natural History, Jr. Museum of Art, and Cleveland County Historical Museum, and Firehouse Art Center (Norman).

Kingfisher County : The place, where Kingfisher County stands today was initially dominated by the Creek Nation; however, after the American Civil War, the federal government took back the land. In 1890, the county was introduced and it got its current name by the residents after a poll was conducted. Kingfisher city is its county seat.

The counties that lie adjacent to the Kingfisher County are Garfield County, Logan County, Canadian County, Blaine County, Major County, and Oklahoma County. On the trip to this county, some of the places that deserve a visit, include the 89’er Theater, Vernie Snow Aquatic Center, Melba Briscoe Skateboard Park, Kingfisher Park, and Chisholm Trail Museum.

Adair County : Spread across 577 square miles, the county got its name from the Cherokee tribe,s Adair family and was formed in the year 1907. After a long term debate, on which town to choose between Stilwell and Westville as the county seat, the former was finally set as the county seat of Adair County.

The adjacent counties to the Adair County are Delaware County, Benton County (Arkansas), Washington County (Arkansas), Crawford County (Arkansas), Sequoyah County, and Cherokee County. The county also carves a niche for its canning and food processing industries, strawberry fields, horse breeders, poultry farms, and cattle ranches. Adair County got its name from Colonel William Penn Adair, who was born on 15 April, 1830 in Georgia.

List of Counties in Oklahoma

County Name Population
(sq. mi.)
Adair County Map 22,098 575.67
Alfalfa County Map 5,827 866.65
Atoka County Map 13,810 978.29
Beaver County Map 5,382 1814.36
Beckham County Map 22,519 901.83
Blaine County Map 9,643 928.43
Bryan County Map 45,573 908.8
Caddo County Map 29,557 1278.33
Canadian County Map 136,532 899.71
Carter County Map 48,556 823.79
Cherokee County Map 48,700 751.04
Choctaw County Map 14,885 773.93
Cimarron County Map 2,162 1835.04
Cleveland County Map 278,655 536.11
Coal County Map 5,651 518.22
Comanche County Map 122,136 1069.35
Cotton County Map 5,941 636.64
Craig County Map 14,625 761.03
Creek County Map 71,312 955.53
Custer County Map 29,293 986.51
Delaware County Map 41,598 740.65
Dewey County Map 4,819 1000.13
Ellis County Map 4,080 1229.14
Garfield County Map 62,603 1058.39
Garvin County Map 27,838 807.49
Grady County Map 54,655 1100.96
Grant County Map 4,465 1000.56
Greer County Map 5,998 639.36
Harmon County Map 2,704 537.82
Harper County Map 3,717 1039
Haskell County Map 12,747 577.03
Hughes County Map 13,566 806.73
Jackson County Map 25,497 802.68
Jefferson County Map 6,230 758.75
Johnston County Map 11,087 644.5
Kay County Map 44,943 918.7
Kingfisher County Map 15,638 903
Kiowa County Map 9,077 1014.56
Latimer County Map 10,414 722.17
Le Flore County Map 49,873 1585.82
Lincoln County Map 35,129 957.74
Logan County Map 46,588 744.45
Love County Map 9,997 515.38
McClain County Map 38,682 569.67
McCurtain County Map 32,822 1852.26
McIntosh County Map 19,815 620.01
Major County Map 7,772 956.76
Marshall County Map 16,191 371.11
Mayes County Map 40,920 656.14
Murray County Map 13,918 418.25
Muskogee County Map 69,477 813.85
Noble County Map 11,384 731.9
Nowata County Map 10,419 564.95
Okfuskee County Map 12,167 624.76
Oklahoma County Map 782,970 709.09
Okmulgee County Map 39,213 696.97
Osage County Map 47,806 2250.8
Ottawa County Map 31,691 471.32
Pawnee County Map 16,485 569.44
Payne County Map 81,131 686.34
Pittsburg County Map 44,173 1305.94
Pontotoc County Map 38,330 719.64
Pottawatomie County Map 72,290 787.7
Pushmataha County Map 11,057 1397.31
Roger Mills County Map 3,640 1141.87
Rogers County Map 91,766 674.95
Seminole County Map 25,207 632.51
Sequoyah County Map 41,294 673.82
Stephens County Map 44,090 874.04
Texas County Map 21,098 2037.16
Tillman County Map 7,465 871.97
Tulsa County Map 642,940 570.3
Wagoner County Map 77,679 562.91
Washington County Map 52,087 416.82
Washita County Map 11,447 1003.35
Woods County Map 9,201 1286.57
Woodward County Map 20,814 1242.3

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