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GeorgiaGeorgia State Symbols

Designation Symbol / Emblem
Georgia State Possum Pogo 'Possum, created by Walt Kelly
Georgia State Amphibian Green Tree Frog (Hyla cinerea)
Georgia State Art Museum Georgia Museum of Art, Athens
Georgia State Atlas The Atlas of Georgia
Georgia State Ballet Atlanta Ballet
Beef Barbeque Championship Cookoff The Hawkinsville Civitan Club's "Shoot the Bull" barbecue championship
Georgia State Bird Brown Thrasher (Toxostoma rufum)
Georgia State Butterfly Tiger Swallowtail (Papilio glaucus)
Center for Character Education Mighty Eighth Air Force Heritage Museum
Georgia State Creed Georgian's Creed
Georgia State Crop Peanut
Georgia State Fish Largmouth Bass (Micropterus salmoides)
Georgia State Flag Flag of Georgia
Georgia State Floral Emblem Cherokee Rose (Rosa laevigata)
Georgia State Folk Dance Square Dance
Georgia State Folk Festival Georgia Folk Festival
Georgia State Folk Life Play Swamp Gravy ( Web site )
Georgia State Fossil Shark Tooth
Frontier and Southeastern Indian Interpretive Center The Funk Heritage/Bennett Center at Reinhardt College, Waleska
Georgia State Fruit Peach
Georgia State Game Bird Bobwhite Quail
Georgia State Gem Quartz
HGeorgia State istoric Drama The Reach of Song presented on the Georgia Mountain Fairgrounds near Hiawassee.
Georgia State Insect Honeybee (Apis mellifera)
Georgia State Language English
Georgia State Marine Mammal Right Whale
Georgia State Mineral Staurolite
Georgia State Musical Theatre Jekyll Island Musical Theatre Festival
Georgia State Peanut Monument Turner County on the west side of Interstate Highway 75 within the limits of the City of Ashburn
Pork Barbeque Championship Cookoff The Dooly County Chamber of Commerce's "Slosheye Trail Big Pig Jig" ( Web site )
Poultry Capital of the World Georgia
Georgia State Prepared Food Grits
Georgia State Railroad Museum The Central of Georgia Railroad Shops Complex, Savannah
Georgia State Reptile Gopher Tortoise (Gopherus polyphemus)
Georgia State School Plains High School
Georgia State Seashell Knobbed Whelk
Georgia State Song Georgia on My Mind, lyrics by Mr. Stuart Gorrell and music by Mr. Hoagy Carmichael
Georgia State Theater The Springer Opera House
Transportation History Museum Southeastern Railway Museum, Duluth ( Web Site )
Georgia State Tree Live Oak
Georgia State Vegetable Vidalia Sweet Onion
Georgia State Waltz Our Georgia by James Burch
Georgia State Wildflower Azalea (Rhododendron spp.)

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