Shenzhen , an important economic zone in China , is located in the southern parts of the Guangdong province along the eastern shore of the fertile Pearl River Delta. Situated very close to Hong Kong, Shenzhen Guangdong China became the first Special Economic Zone in China.
Shenzhen in Guangdong China enjoys a sub-tropical maritime climate with the influence of the South Sea quite prominent on the city. Shenzhen receives abundant rainfall and an annual average temperature of about 22 degree Celsius.

The geographical position of Shenzhen has a major role to play in its economic development. The Pearl River Delta makes the soil of Shenzhen very fertile and ideal for the growth of agriculture and industry. Till about twenty years back Shenzhen was just another sleepy little town. Then in 1980 the growth potential of Shenzhen was recognized and the city was made into a special economic zone. Since then Shenzhen has acquired great prominence in Guangdong, China.

The present population of Shenzhen is about six million and it is growing at a rapid rate every year. Being an important economic zone, thousands of people from neighboring cities come to Shenzhen in search of jobs and livelihood. The immigration of people belonging to various ethnic groups to Shenzhen has lead to a multi-cultural, cosmopolitan set-up. You will find all kinds of Chinese cuisine in Shenzhen although the local delicacy Kejia must be tried.

Districts in Shenzhen
  • Luohu
  • Nanshan
  • Futian
  • Baoan
  • Longgang
  • Yantian

Main Attractions in Shenzhen
  • Window of the World
  • Splendid China
  • China Folk Culture Villages
  • Happy Valley
  • Shenzhen Xianhu Botanical Garden
  • Shenzhen Safari Park,
  • Sea World at Xiaomeisha Tourist Resort

Shenzhen boasts of a very well-developed transport system. It is the only city in China that provides three modes of transportations namely air, rail and bus for simultaneous comings and goings. There are several hotels and motels in Shenzhen, so accommodation is not a problem here. The city has all the amenities that are required by the international travelers and tourists.

Shenzhen is day by day becoming a major tourist destination, attracting people from all parts of China and also across the globe to the Shenzhen, the land of appeal and opportunity.

Last Updated on: October 7th, 2017