Canada Facts

Quick Facts

Which form of government does Canada have ?
Canada is a parliamentary democracy, a federation, and a constitutional monarchy.

Who is the head of state in Canada ?
Head of state is Queen Elizabeth II. She is represented by Governor General David Lloyd Johnston.

Who is the head of government in Canada ?
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

How many provinces does Canada have ?
Canada has 10 provinces and 3 territories.
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   Nova Scotia
   New Brunswick
   British Columbia
   Prince Edward Island
   Newfoundland and Labrador


   Northwest Territories

What is the capital of Canada ?
The capital of Canada is Ottawa, located in the province of Ontario.

When is Canada’s National Day ?
Canada Day is celebrated on July 1. It commemorates the formation of Canada as a Dominion on July 1, 1867 by the British North America Act, or Constitution Act.

What currency is used in Canada ?
Canadian dollar is the currency of the country.

What is the population of Canada ?
The population of Canada is 35,985,751 (2015 est.)

Which are Canada’s largest cities by population ?

What are the official languages of Canada ?
The official languages of Canada are English and French.

How big is Canada ?
Canada is spread over an area of 3,854,085 square miles or 9,984,670 square kilometers. It is the second largest country in the world.

What is the origin of Canada’s name ?
The name “Canada” comes from the First Nations (the aboriginal people of Canada) word for “settlement” or “village”.

Where is Canada located ?
Canada is located in northern North America. It covers 41% of the continent, and shares the longest border in the world with the United States.

Which oceans border Canada ?
Canada has the world’s longest coastline, bordering the following oceans:
  North Atlantic (east)
  North Pacific (west)
  Arctic (north)

How many time zones does Canada have ?
Canada has six time zones. These are: Newfoundland, Atlantic, Eastern, Central, Mountain, and Pacific.

What are the major mountain ranges in Canada ?
Rocky Mountains
Appalachian Mountains

Which are the major rivers in Canada ?
St. Lawrence

Which is the largest Canadian province ?
Quebec is the largest Canadian province.

Which is the smallest Canadian province ?
Prince Edward Island is the smallest province.

What are the official national colors of Canada ?
Red and White are the official national colors of the country. The red is from Saint George’s Cross, and the white is from the French royal emblem.

What does the national flag of Canada look like ?
The Canadian flag is red with a white square and a red maple leaf in the center. The maple leaf symbolizes nature and the environment.

What are the capitals of the Canadian provinces ?
British Columbia – Victoria
Manitoba – Winnipeg
New Brunswick – Fredericton
Newfoundland and Labrador – St. John’s
Nova Scotia – Halifax
Ontario – Toronto
Prince Edward Island – Charlottetown
Quebec – Quebec City
Saskatchewan – Regina

What is the Canadian National Anthem  ?
O Canada.

Some Other Interesting Facts About Canada
1. Canada’s Yonge Street is the longest street in the world. It is spread over 1, 896 kilometers.
2. Basketball was invented by a Canadian-American James Naismith.
3. Canada got its name by mistake. French explorer Jacques Cartier came in contact with the local natives of the region who invited him to their village, known in local terms as kanata. He mistakenly thought that the name of the country was Kanata or Canada.
4. Quebec's Hôtel de Glace is the only Ice Hotel in North America.
5. In 2011, the national treasury of Canada released a new $100 bill, which people complained had the scent of maple syrup.
6. A.A. Milne’s stories about Winnie-the-Pooh were inspired by a black bear cub from Canada named Winnipeg (or “Winnie,” for short).
7. Canada is the second largest country in the world after Russia.
8. Quebec is Canada's largest French-speaking province.
9. The Canadian town of Churchill is home to the world’s only prison for polar bears.
10. The postal code of Santa Claus is H0H 0H0. The mailing address is assigned to Santa by Canada Post. Every year, the postal service responds to millions of children's letters from around the world addressed to Santa Claus, North Pole, H0H 0H0, Canada.
11. The 5,525 mile long US-Canada border is the longest undefended international border in the world.
12. The moose and caribou are Canada’s most recognized national symbols.


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