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How Well Do You Know Canada?

Q1Which two games are the national sports of Canada?
Q2Which of these is a Canadian tennis player?
Q3Who is the most successful exponent of Canadian cricket?
Q4What are Canada's national languages?
Q5Which is the highest mountain in Canada?
Q6Which province of Canada has a predominantly French speaking population?
Q7What is the capital of Canada?
Q8What is the currency of Canada?
Q9Which of these fast food chains operates only in Canada?
Q10Which of these is not an airline of Canada?
Q11Which is the oldest bank in Canada?
Q12Who is the Head of State of Canada?
Q13Which former Canadian broadcaster is awaiting trial for sexual abuse?
Q14Who is the current Prime Minister of Canada?
Q15Which province twice held a referendum to separate from Canada?
Q16Oxford in Nova Scotia is known as the
Q17Who is the current CEO of Canadian company BlackBerry?
Q18Canadian Joseph-Armand Bombardier is famous for which invention?
Q19Which country failed to conquer Canada in 1812?
Q20For which novel did Canadian writer Yann Martel win the Man Booker Prize?