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Map of Oregon

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Where is Oregon ?
Oregon (OR) is the 9th largest state in the U.S. The state of Oregon is known for its dense forests, theme parks, canyons, and recreational areas. The capital is Salem and biggest city is Portland. Portland is the most populous city and the 29th largest U.S. city.
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About Oregon Map - This map depicts Oregon with respect to the state boundaries that it shares with California, Nevada, Idaho, and Washington. It also depicts the state capital Salem, major cities, other cities, airports and rail lines. It shows further highways, rivers, lakes, vegetation, national parks, forests, etc found in the state of Oregon. It also shows on the map major attractions in Oregon.

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History of Oregon
The land that now forms the state of Oregon has been inhabited by humans since at least 15,000 years. Indegenous tribes have been known to inhabit the area before European settlers arrived. The first European country to do so was Spain in 1543. The land thus became a place en route to carry out trade with Asia.

The powers fought over the land till finally it was ceded to the U.S. in 1846. It became a full-fledged state on 14th February 1859. The state had a “whites only” clause in its constitution as it was founded in the process of whites seeking a land in refuge to disputes over slavery. During the Civil War, the state was protected with the help of voluntary recruits from California.

Oregon is usually split into eight areas. These are Oregon coast, Rogue Valley, Willamette Valley, Cascade mountains, Columbia River Plateau, Klamath Mountains, Blue Mountains, and Oregon Outback. The western part of Oregon is mountaneous and home to Mount Hood and other prominent mountain peaks in the U.S.

The Columbia river is found in the northern part of Oregon and has played a prominent part in the geological evolution of the nearby land. The landscape of Oregon is thus as diverse as rain forests and deserts.

Mount Hood in Oregon is a sight for sore eyes. There is a lot possible in the state of Oregon depending on the interest of the traveler. The state offers state-of-the-art facilities for fishing, golfing, camping, hiking, rafting, cycling, etc.

The state's wineries are another draw. So are its breweries. From Shakespeare to museums, the state has something for everyone. Oregon Zoo, Timberline Lodge, Crater Lake National Park, Portland Art Museum, Oaks Amusement Park, etc are some of the varied tourist attractions found in the area.

Major universities in the state of Oregon include Oregon State University, University of Oregon, Portland State University, Eastern Oregon University, Western Oregon University, Oregon Institute of Technology, etc.

Last Updated On : Sept 11, 2014

The official flag of Oregon is a two sided navy blue and gold flag with a gold fringe. It was adopted in 1925.
Joined the UnionFeb 14, 1859
NicknameBeaver State
Largest CityPortland
Area98,381 sq miles
Highest PointMount Hood
Lowest PointPacific Ocean
Time ZoneUTC -8/-7
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