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Map of Oregon

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Where is Oregon ?
Located in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States, Oregon (OR) is a coastal state bordered by Washington on the north, California and Nevada on the south and Idaho on the east. This detailed map of Oregon depicts all the natural and man-made attractions in the state.
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About Oregon Map -

This map of Oregon shows the state sharing boundaries with Washington, Idaho, California, and Nevada. Besides depicting state boundaries, the Oregon state map also shows state highways, US Federal highways, and interstate highways. Airports, railway network and national parks are clearly depicted along with the capital city of Salem. Other important cities and natural features like rivers, lakes and mountains are shown on the map. Besides highlighting the popular tourists attractions in Oregon such as Washington County Museum, Tower Theatre, Sea Lion Caves, and Enchanted Forest, it also indexes the famous tourist destinations for a user’s convenience.

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About the Oregon State
Oregon is a state in the United States that's located in the Pacific Northwest region. It was one of the last states settled by Europeans and in 1859, became the 33rd to be admitted to the Union. Today, it is the 9th largest and 27th most populous state in the US. Oregon's nickname is Beaver State and its motto is: "She flies with her own wings."

History of Oregon
Records of human inhabitants in the state date as far as 15,000 years ago. The oldest evidence of habitation were found to be at Fort Rock Cave and Paisley Caves in the Lake County. In the 16th century, when the first Europeans arrived, the region was inhabited by many Native American tribes such as the Bannock, the Nez Perce, the Chinook, the Kalapuya, the Klamath, and a number of others.

The first European to set foot in the region was Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo - a Spanish explorer who arrived in 1543. But it wasn't until 1792 that the first official discovery of the region was made. Captain Gray of Boston set foot on the mouth of a river in the region, naming it after his ship Columbia. This discovery caused President Jefferson to include the region in the Lewis and Clark Expedition that began its journey soon after 1803.

From 1805 to 1806, forts were built at the mouth of the Columbia River, which became the first areas of temporary settlement in the region. The first European settlement, however, came in 1811 due to New Yorker John Jacob Astor. Astor financed the building of Fort Astoria - a western outpost of his Pacific Fur Company.

Immigration started to begin in 1833, followed by an influx of people in 1850. However, the settlers were soon lured by the California gold rush, forcing the local government to offer incentives for those who stayed or moved to the region.

It eventually became a state on February 14, 1859, becoming the 33rd state of the United States.

Oregon is bordered by Washington to the north, the Pacific Ocean to the west, California to the south, and Idaho to the east. Its landscape and general terrain is very varied and contrasting - mainly due to the Cascade Range, which is a rugged mountain chain of great forested mountain slopes that run from north to south across the state.

Tourism in Oregon is a major industry, with its fair share of amazing natural wonders and urban cities. Sandy beaches, extensive wastelands, lush valleys, rushing rivers, lakes, and waterfalls can be found all around the state, welcoming visitors all year round.

Among the most popular places to visit are Mount Hood - the highest peak in the state at 11,240 feet above sea level; the Crater Lake National Park, the Washington Park, the River Highway, and the Portland Japanese Garden.

Mount Hood is by far, the most popular natural wonder of Oregon. There are 4,600 acres of skiable terrain with an area that's open all year round for skiing, there are 4 wilderness acres, and more than 1,200 miles of hiking trails. The Crater Lake is the deepest in the US and one of the deepest in the world, with designated areas for swimming, fishing, hiking, and biking. The Washington Park in Portland is a major hub of attractions that include the famous Japanese Gardens, the Oregon Zoo, and a number of museums that's perfect for a family's day out. The River Highway offers scenic views of terrain and is one of the first American highways to be created specifically for scenic touring.

There are 197 public school districts in the state. The Oregon University System handles 7 public universities with the University of Oregon its flagship institution. It is also the most selective and highest ranked university in terms of national ranking. Other notable universities include Portland State University with the highest number of enrollment, and the Oregon Health and Science University that's ranked 2nd in the US in terms of the best medical school for primary care.

Last Updated : April 02, 2015

The official flag of Oregon is a two sided navy blue and gold flag with a gold fringe. It was adopted in 1925.
Official Name Oregon
Area98,381 sq mi (255,026 km2)
Population3,970,239 (2014 est.)
Largest CityPortland
Official LanguageNone ( Spoken : English and Spanish )
Time Zone most of state Pacific: UTC 8/7, most of Malheur County Mountain: UTC 7/6
GovernorKate Brown
Lt. Governor--
U.S. SenatorRon Wyden, Jeff Merkley
AbbreviationOR, Ore. US-OR
Joined the UnionFebruary 14, 1859
NicknameBeaver State
Highest PointMount Hood
Lowest PointPacific Ocean

Oregon news and updates

Canadian motorcyclist killed on Oregon highway

A Canadian motorcyclist was killed after he was hit by an oncoming Dodge truck on Highway 19 in Arlington, Oregon. As per reports, the motorcyclist, 49-year-old Darcy Dutertre, lost control on a sharp right hand curve and was hit by a service truck that was going south. Darcy died at the scene.

02:31 AM, May 27, 2016 (PST)

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