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Airports in Oregon

by Vishul Malik

  Airports in Oregon There are 98 airports in Oregon that the public can use. The airports in Oregon are the gateway to the thriving tourism industry in the state. The airports in…

Oregon Airports Map


Airports in Oregon

There are 98 airports in Oregon that the public can use. The airports in Oregon are the gateway to the thriving tourism industry in the state. The airports in Oregon have the latest in aviation technology and provide friendly assistance to the passengers.

Oregon airports map shows two international airports in Oregon. These are the Rogue Valley International-Medford Airport at Medford and the Portland International Airport at Portland.

The Portland International Airport at Portland sees more than a million passengers walk through its gates annually. The airport offers many amenities and services such as free WiFi service, a well-equipped business center, restaurants and many retail shops. The airport has wheel chair service and blind assists to help people with disabilities. The airport also has TTY phones, visual paging, easy and accessible parking and accessible parking. The airlines that serve at this airport are American Airlines, Mexicana, Big Sky, Lufthansa, Alaska Airlines, Frontier Airlines, Northwest Airlines, Southwest Airlines, United Express, Hawaiian Airlines, US Airways, Horizon Air, Air Canada Jazz, Continental Airlines and Jet Blue Airways.

The Eugene Airport at Eugene is one of the important regional airports in Oregon. The airport offers amenities and services to make the journey a smooth one for the passengers. Some of these are ATMs, restaurants, bars and grilles, a news and gifts shop and special assistance for people with disabilities including wheel chair service and TDY phones. The airlines that serve the airport are Horizon Air, United ExpressDelta Airlines, and America West Airlines.

One can book the tickets of the above-mentioned airlines online. Some of the airlines also offer special fares and discounts for booking tickets online.

Maps of Major Airports in Oregon

List of Airports in Oregon

Airport Name City Coordinates
Eugene Airport Eugene 44°07′23″N 123°13′07″W
Klamath Falls Airport Klamath Falls 42°09′22″N 121°43′59″W
Rogue Valley International-Medford Airport Medford 42°22′27″N 122°52′25″W
Southwest Oregon Regional Airport North Bend 43°25′02″N 124°15′46″W
Portland International Airport Portland 45°35′19″N 122°35′51″W
Redmond Municipal Airport Redmond 44°15′15″N 121°08′59″W
Eastern Oregon Regional Airport at Pendleton Pendleton 45°41′42″N 118°50′29″W
Alkali Lake State Airport Alkali Lake 43°05′14.5420″N 119°58′33.86″W
Arlington Municipal Airport Arlington 45°42′59″N 120°10′04″W
Beaver Marsh Airport Beaver Marsh 43°07′39″N 121°48′31″W
Cascade Locks State Airport Cascade Locks 45°40′37″N 121°52′44″W
Toketee State Airport Clearwater 43°13′24.4400″N 122°25′15.15″W
Skyport Airport Cornelius 45°34′57″N 123°03′10″W
Crescent Lake State Airport Crescent Lake 43°31′57.4470″N 121°57′0.11″W
Lake Billy Chinook Airport Culver 44°31′09″N 121°19′14″W
Cape Blanco State Airport Denmark 42°51′28.3900″N 124°31′03.39″W
Enterprise Municipal Airport Enterprise 45°25′30″N 117°15′54″W
Valley View Airport Estacada 45°18′29.4350″N 122°19′7.31″W
Lake Woahink Seaplane Base Florence 43°54′15″N 124°06′53″W
Davis Airport Gates 44°44′45″N 122°25′17″W
Stark’s Twin Oaks Airpark Hillsboro 45°25′42″N 122°56′32″W
Lenhardt Airpark Hubbard 45°10′49.4340″N 122°44′36.33″W
Memaloose Airport Imnaha 45°25′39.5700″N 116°41′37.53″W
Lakeside State Airport Lakeside 43°34′59.4130″N 124°10′49.41″W
Malin Airport Malin 42°00′03.5600″N 121°23′46.97″W
Nehalem Bay State Airport Manzanita 45°41′53.3820″N 123°55′47.48″W
McKenzie Bridge State Airport McKenzie Bridge 44°10′59.4400″N 122°05′19.20″W
Monument Municipal Airport Monument 44°49′54.5290″N 119°25′48.97″W
Chehalem Airpark Newberg 45°19′25.4200″N 123°03′15.37″W
Oakridge State Airport Oakridge 43°45′09.4440″N 122°30′9.19″W
Owyhee Reservoir State Airport Owyhee 43°25′29.5730″N 117°20′43.58″W
Pacific City State Airport Pacific City 45°11′59″N 123°57′44″W
Paisley Airport Paisley 42°43′04.5470″N 120°33′45.90″W
Pinehurst State Airport Pinehurst 42°06′36.7200″N 122°22′59.49″W
Powers Airport Powers 42°52′10.3960″N 124°03′33.35″W
Prospect State Airport Prospect 42°44′35.4590″N 122°29′17.1250″W
Rome State Airport Rome 42°34′40″N 117°53′08″W
George Felt Airport Roseburg 43°13′29.4160″N 123°23′49.3″W
Country Squire Airpark Sandy 45°21′16.0000″N 122°16′05.00″W
Sandy River Airport Sandy 45°24′06.4330″N 122°13′43.31″W
Santiam Junction State Airport Santiam Junction 44°26′04.4000″N 121°56′32.20″W
Silver Lake Forest Service Strip Silver Lake 43°06′39.5010″N 121°05′39.00″W
Sisters Eagle Air Airport Sisters 44°18′16.4160″N 121°32′21.16″W
Toledo State Airport Toledo 44°36′03.4260″N 123°56′22.41″W
Miller Memorial Airpark Vale 43°57′49.5780″N 117°15′33.63″W
Vernonia Municipal Airport Vernonia 45°51′05″N 123°14′29″W
Wakonda Beach State Airport Waldport 44°23′04.4300″N 124°05′06.43″W

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