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Oregon County Map

by Vishul Malik

Situated on the picturesque Pacific Northwest, Oregon is the 9th largest state by area in the United States. It is surrounded by Washington to the north, California to the south, Idaho on…

Oregon County Map

Situated on the picturesque Pacific Northwest, Oregon is the 9th largest state by area in the United States. It is surrounded by Washington to the north, California to the south, Idaho on the east, and Nevada on the southeast. Oregon is divided into counties, and at present there are 36 counties. Oregon became the 33rd state of the USA in 1859, with the last county – Deschutes County – being established in 1916. The state’s capital is Salem, which is the third most populous city in Oregon. Portland is the largest city in the state, with a population of 2,262,605.

Out of the 36 counties in Oregon the most popular and prominent ones are:

Multnomah County:

With a population of 735,334, this county is the most populated in Oregon, despite it being the smallest county in area. Its county seat is Portland, the largest state in the city. Some of the most visited tourist attractions in Oregon are situated in Multnomah County, including the Oregon Zoo, Classical Chinese Garden, Japanese Garden, Oregon Convention Center, Washington Park, and Moda Center. Here you will also find Multnomah Falls and Oxbow Regional Park, which hosts a festival every year celebrating local salmon caught in the rivers of the Multnomah County. Tourism is one of the leading industries in the county, with many shoppers visiting from Washington. The County Library is often referred to as the busiest public library in the United States, and serves a population of over 700,000.

Washington County:

With a population of 529,710, Washington County is the second most populous county in Oregon. Hillsboro is its county seat and largest city. Other cities in the county include Tigard, Beaverton, and Forest Grove – known as the oldest city in Washington County. The county is bordered by the Northern Oregon Coast Range on the west and north, and the stunning Chehalem Mountains to the south. The Tualatin Mountains lie to the north and east of the county. The county was originally called Twality when it was established in the 1840s, before being named after George Washington, the first President of the United States. Here you will find many large electronics companies, including EPSON and SolarWorld. Hillsboro Airport is also located in Washington County, which hosts the annual Oregon International Air Show.

Jackson County: 

Names after the seventh President of the United States, Andrew Jackson, Jackson County has a population of 203,206, and is the sixth most populous county in Oregon. The county consists of 11 cities, including Medford, which is also the county seat. The county is famous for being home to the Oregon Vortex, where many people have claimed to have witnessed natural phenomena. The Oregon Vortex has featured on many popular science-fiction television shows and documentaries, and is a popular tourist attraction for those interested in the paranormal. The South Oakdale Historic District is a neighborhood first built in 1890. Many of the properties are in their original condition, and showcase a wide range of different architectural styles, including work by Frank Chamberlain Clark. Other places of interest include the world’s only Bigfoot trap – designed to catch the legendary creature that is said to roam around the forests of the Pacific Northwest.

Marion County: 

With a population of 315,335, Marion County is the fifth most populous county in Oregon, and is located in the Willamette Valley – surrounded by tall mountains to the south, east, and west. It was named after Francis Marion, an army general of the Revolutionary War. The county seat of Marion County is Salem, home to the Mission Mill Museum and Oregon State Capitol. The county makes up the Salem Metropolitan Statistical Area, and is the home of Corban University, Willamette University, and Chemeketa Community College. Other local landmarks include Salem Southern Pacific Railroad Station, and Elsinore Theater, which was first opened in 1926.

Lane County: 

Lane County is the fourth most populous county in Oregon, and is home to around 351,715 people. Eugene is the county seat, and the county was named after the first territorial governor in Oregon, Joseph Lane. Lane County contains many protected natural areas – home to an abundance of wildlife. These include the Willamette National Forest, Umpqua National Forest, Siuslaw National Forest, and Oregon Islands National Wildlife Refuge. Other local landmarks include the University of Oregon Library and Memorial Quadrangle, University of Oregon Museum of Art, and the Wildcat Creek Bridge.

The Oregon County Map highlights the 36 counties located at various parts of the state. The Oregon state map points out the counties of the place. Some of the counties along with total area covered are enlisted below:

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