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Alaska Map (AK)

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Where is Alaska ?
Largest state of the United States, Alaska (AK) is located in the northwest extreme of the North American continent, with Canada to the east, Arctic Ocean to the north and Pacific Ocean to the west and north.
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Having an organized infrastructure of railways, roadways, and airways, Alaska (AK) is also accessible through waterways. The Alaska (AK) Map indicates the national and interstate highways. In addition, the railway map points out the prime train routes of the state. 11 census zones along with 16 boroughs collectively form the basis for the counties of Alaska.

Tourists coming to Alaska can visit the well-maintained golf courses of the state such as Chena Bend, Sleepy Hollow, Eagleglen, and many more. The Kobuk Valley National Park, Yukon Charley Rivers National Preserve, and Katmai National Park & Preserve are some of the most visited national parks of Alaska.

Museums are yet another major appeal of the state. Pratt Museum, Kodiak Baranov Museum, Alaska State Museum are some of the most popular.

The official flag of Alaska consists of a dark blue background on which 8 stars of golden color are there that form the Big Dipper and the North Star.
NicknameThe Last Frontier
Joined the UnionJanuary 3, 1959 (49th state)
Largest CityAnchorage
Area663,300 sq miles
Highest PointMount McKinley
Lowest PointOcean
Time ZoneAKST-Alaska Standard Time (UTC−09:00)