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Anchorage Alaska Map

by Vishul Malik

Anchorage Facts Country USA (United States of America) State Alaska Total Area 1,961 sq miles Lat Long Coordinates 61.1919° N, 149.7621° W Time Zone AKST(UTC−09:00) Demonyms Alaskan Area Code 907…

Anchorage City Map, Alaska

Anchorage Facts

Country USA (United States of America)
State Alaska
Total Area 1,961 sq miles
Lat Long Coordinates 61.1919° N, 149.7621° W
Time Zone AKST(UTC−09:00)
Demonyms Alaskan
Area Code 907
Language English
Major Religion Roman Catholic, Christian
Museums Alaska Aviation Heritage Museum, Alaska Museum of Natural History,
Anchorage Museum of History and Art
Universities University of Alaska, Alska Pacific University
Official Website


About Anchorage City

Surrounded by six mountain ranges and blessed with a maritime climate, Anchorage is a place of adventure, fun, recreation, seasonal festivities, sports, etc. It is also a major port, receiving over 95 percent of all freight entering Alaska, as well as a hub of the Alaska Railroad.Its chief industries include government, military, petroleum and tourism. The north is bordered by twoUS military bases on Elmendorf Air Force Base and Fort Richardson.Almost all tourists who plan a tour to Alaska, also make it a point to travel to Anchorage. The city’s main tourist season is in the summer month when the town’s hotels and restaurants become extremely busy providing quality services to their visitors.

Anchorage is a modern American city bustling with life and activity. Summers are adorned with the colors of beautiful flowers and the sound of music permeating the air. On the other hand, winter, too is welcomed with a series of decorations. In the 200-year-old history of the transition of Alaska, Anchorage has most nearly retained its character, adopting only the best and the most necessary traits.

Airport in Anchorage

The International Anchorage Airport, better known as Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport, is the USA’s primary aerial gateway to Alaska. Operating domestic and international airlines, the Anchorage Airport is also the primary airport for transporting cargo along the transpacific route. Check Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport Map for locating nearby locations, restaurants, and shops.

The Anchorage International Airport was renamed Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport in 2000 to tribute Alaska’s honorable Senior Senator Ted Stevens. Situated in Alaska’s largest city, the Anchorage Airport links this city and the country to the rest of Alaska and the region lying beyond. The Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport now boasts of being one of the busiest airport hubs in the USA, where hundreds of flights arrive and depart daily. The Anchorage International Airport is a very important cargo hub, transporting freight to far-off places.

The Ted Stevens International Airport has two terminals, the North Terminal and the South Terminal. The South Terminal provides runways to seventeen airlines, mainly of domestic nature. The South Terminal caters to several Hawaiian flights, the favorite winter holiday destination of many people wanting to escape the bitter cold of Alaska. The North Terminal at the Anchorage International Airport is the hub of several international airlines, such as China Airlines and Korean Air.

Anchorage flights connect many important global and domestic cities to Anchorage. Anchorage flights are available to Fairbanks, Bozeman, Great Falls, Spokane, Billings, Seattle, Portland, Chicago, Denver, Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, San Diego, Boston, Dallas, Atlanta, Newark, Orlando, Washington DC, and many more cities in the USA.

Things to Do in Anchorage

The largest city in Alaska, Anchorage travel is a truly memorable experience amidst the grandeur, adventure, and culture of this great mountain city. There are many tourist attractions in Anchorage. Apart from trekking and hiking in the neighboring mountains, fishing in the nearby streams, and watching the wildlife in the forests, there are some other spots that you must visit when traveling to Anchorage.

These places are as follows:

  • Alaska Aviation Heritage Museum, Anchorage
  • Alaska Botanical Garden, Anchorage
  • Alaska Museum of Natural History, Anchorage
  • Anchorage Museum of History and Art
  • The Imaginarium
  • Alaska Zoo, Anchorage
  • Prince William Sound, Anchorage

The ideal time to visit Anchorage is during the summer in the months of July, August and September. These are the months when Anchorage and the whole of Alaska enjoy long periods of sunshine. But if you are a winter-sports buff then come to Anchorage in December, January and February to take part in outdoor winter activities like skiing and sledging. As such spring and autumn are the ideal times to visit Anchorage.

Hotels and Restaurants in Anchorage

Staying in Anchorage is very easy and convenient. There are many hotels, ranging from the plush to the comfortable, depending on your budget, in Anchorage.

Some of the popular hotels in Anchorage are as follows:

Hotels Motels
  • Millennium Alaskan Hotel Anchorage
  • Hotel Captain Cook
  • Best Western Golden Lion Hotel
  • Hilton Anchorage
  • Anchorage Downtown Hotel
  • Clarion Suites Anchorage
  • Days Inn Anchorage
  • Hampton Inn Anchorage
  • Polar Bear Motel
  • Spenard Motel
  • Big Timber Motel
  • Lakeshore Motel
  • Anchorage Midtown Motel


Restaurant in Anchorage

To savor some great food, visit the restaurants in Anchorage. Anchorage restaurants are famous for serving lip-smacking local and international cuisines. From Chinese to Japanese, American to Thai, Mexican to Continental, get all kinds of delicious food in Anchorage restaurants. Some of the Famous restaurants are : The Crow’s Nest Restaurant, The Marx Bros Cafe and Jen’s Restaurant and Sacks Cafe.


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