Dali City

Dali is a city in Yunnan province in the People's Republic of China. Dali is one of Yunnan's most popular tourist destinations. The weather of Dali in Yunnan is mild and there you can find spring season all the year round.
Dali in Yunnan is recognized all over the world for its elegant scenes and sights. It is popular for both its historic sites and the "Foreigners' Street". The Foreigners' Street features western-style food, music, and English-speaking business owners, and this makes Dali popular among both western and Chinese tourists.

In Dali, Yunnan , there are also multiple coffee shops. Among them you can find many coffee shops fashioned in Amsterdam style, where foreigners smoke marijuana that grows in the hills surrounding the town Dali in Yunnan. Especially this characteristic of Dali in Yunnan caused some tourists to have an extended stay in this beautiful old town. The green mountains of Dali in Yunnan are surrounded by rivers, and the city is enclosed by mountains. It is located on a productive plateau between the Cangshan Mountains located on the west and Erhai Lake in the east.

The economy of Dali is highly based on its marble and tea production. Dali in Yunnan is famous for its marble production. Dali in Yunnan produces many types of marble which are used primarily in construction and for decorative objects. In fact, Dali is so famous for "Dali Stone" , that is the name of marble in Chinese. Marble is a rock composed mostly of calcite. Tea is a beverage, for which Dali is also popular.

The most popular tourist attractions of Dali in Yunnan are listed below : 
  • Three Pagodas,
  • Butterfly Spring,
  • Dali museum,
  • Chong Sheng Temple,
  • Guanyin Palace of Copper Rain,
  • Jianji Great Bell of Nanzhao, and
  • Surrealist Group

Few of these tourist spots are discussed below : 
  • Three Pagodas : 
    The Three Pagodas of Chongshen Monastery, which is a part of Cangshan Mountain, are just one kilometer to the ancient city of Dali in Yunnan. Here you can find three beautiful pagodas, which are a symbol of the city's long and celebrated history. The tallest of the trio, is 69.13 meters tall.

  • Butterfly Spring : 
    Situated at the foot of Yunlong Peak in the Cangshan Mountains, the Butterfly Spring is actually a pool. Here you can the twisted ancient silk tree branch widen over the pool's surface. In every year, the tree puts out butterfly-shaped flowers. Teems of varied butterflies come down on the tree every year, which looks like a multicolored string hanging over the pool. Because of these annual butterfly meetings, the Butterfly Spring have become the major tourist attractions in Dali, Yunnan.

Last Updated on: October 13th, 2017