Kunming Yunnan

Kunming is the capital city of the beautiful Yunnan province which is located in the far southwestern corner of China. Kunming is situated on the top of a plateau in Yunnan Province. Kunming in Yunnan province enjoys a confined location with mountains surrounding the city on three sides, and Lake Dian to the south.
Its closeness to other neighboring provinces like Guizhou, Sichuan, and Tibet as well as its shared border with Myanmar, Laos, and Vietnam make it one of the most popular holiday destinations in People's Republic of China. Kunming is also increasingly becoming a travel center for the growing fame of nearby old towns Dali and Lijiang in Yunnan Province.

Kunming has an estimated population 1,055,000. For its year-round temperate weather, Kunming is also known as the "Spring City." Here you can always enjoy the spring season and flowers. Kunming in Yunnan features some of the best weather in China with a constantly pleasant climate. This place is also famous for its freshest and cleanest air from among any of major city in the country.

Kunming offers you a wide range of things to see and do from Ming Dynasty relics to the luxuries of modern department stores & shopping malls. If you visit here you can have excellent cuisine and shopping opportunities in Kunming, Yunnan . Kunming's abundant collection of historical and cultural attractions will keep you busy in your tour to Yunnan.

The salt and phosphate mines around Kunming in Yunnan province are some of China's best industries. Because of its remote location in a corner of China, Kunming was generally ignored by China's rapid economic growth, but recently the city has received new attention. Numerous railroads and highways have been planned to connect Kunming to areas of Thailand, Vietnam, and Laos, to provide Kunming the access to sea ports.

Kunming city includes a number of universities and collages of Yunnan province. Such as,
  • Yunnan University,
  • Kunming University of Science and Technology,
  • Southwest Forestry College,
  • Yunnan Agricultural University,
  • Yunnan Normal University,
  • Yunnan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine,
  • Yunnan University of Finance and Economics,
  • Yunnan University of Finance and Economics,
  • Kunming Medical College,
  • Kunming University,
  • Kunming Teacher's College and many more.

Last Updated on: October 13th, 2017