Australia Weather

The Australians have winter in the month of June. Unlike European countries, the winters in Australia are warm and sunny.

Australian weather is dry throughout the year and it is the one of the driest continents.

The weather in Australia being pleasant attracts tourist round the year.

The weather in Australia varies within the country. Australia falls under two climatic zones: The Tropical Zone in the north (the part above the Tropic of Capricorn) and the Temperate Zone . The Tropical Zone is characterized by hot and wet summers and dry winters. The Temperate Zone goes through all the four seasons. The seasons of Spring and Summer are warm everywhere. However the southern people enjoy mild nights. Autumn to winter days are warm and nights are cold but the South experiences occasional spells of rains. Snow is only restricted to the mountains of the North.

The weather in Sydney is pleasant throughout the year except that summer is humid. Although summer humidity is reduced by quick showers, still it is advised to avoid going to Sydney in summer. The average temperature of the season is around 25 degree Celsius. Autumns are very enjoyable with balmy days and nights. The months of March And April are especially fine in summer. Rains happen at times in spring, that is in the months of September to November but do not stay long.

Weather forecast in Australia is done by the Australian Bureau of Meteorology . Every detail on rain, storm or temperature is provided by them.

Last Updated on: January 23rd, 2018