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How well do you know Australia?

Q1In December 2014 a gunman took people hostage inside a café in which Australian city?
Q2Australia is to host which major cricket event in February 2015?
Q3Which of these is a prominent animal of Australia?
Q4What is Australia’s nickname?
Q5Which of these famous sites is located in Australia?
Q6Which Australian Prime Minister went missing at sea?
Q7The 2010 Australian election television debate between Gillard and Abbott had to be rescheduled so that it did not clash with which popular television show?
Q8What is the capital of Australia?
Q9Christmas in Australia falls in which season?
Q10Who won the 2014 Australian Open men’s singles?
Q11Which of these is a famous Australian-American media magnate?
Q12Which Prime Minister managed a rock and roll band?
Q13Who is the only Australian author to win a Nobel Prize in Literature?
Q14Online taxi booking firm Uber was criticized in Australia for -
Q15Australian Dr David Warren invented which of the following products?
Q16When is Australia Day celebrated?
Q17The world’s largest cattle station is located in which Australian State?
Q18Which is Australia’s highest mountain?
Q19Who founded the World Series Cricket?
Q20Which is the national flower of Australia?