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Population of Australia

Australia Population Density Map
Description : Map showing Population density (people per sq. km) in Australia in 2011. Disclaimer

Year Wise Population of Australia

Population of Australia owing to its historical developments and governmental policies consists of people of different races, religion and countries. At first it was the land of the "Aboriginals"the original inhabitants of Australia.
The mingling of the races started with the formation of the colonial settlementsof the English people during the later half of the 18 th century. They were followed by the people from the rest of the world, the majority of them being the Asians, giving the Australian population a diverse look. There were theChinese,Vietnamese, Indians and the Sri Lankans.

They came to this island treasured with riches mainly in search of jobs and finally settled there and this all forms the Australian Population. The bond that united all these people was love for the country they either belonged or immigrated to. The present population in Australia with all these immigrated people as well as the natives is a little over 20million and the population density is 2.6/ sq.k.m .

Sustainable Population Australia(SPA) was formed in 1988 and main motive of this ecological group was to preserve the species in Australia and also in the other parts of the world which are becoming endangered species due to the degradation caused by humans.

The huge landmass of Australia with its scanty population remains an empty land. The majority of the population are the white-skinned people comprising about 92% of the population. The Asians consisting of the Indians, Chinese, Vietnamese form 7% of the population. The remaining 2% of the population consists of the native aboriginals.

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