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Information About Australia

This article compiles informations on Australian history, culture, population, climate, currency and so on.

Historical information on Australia
It was 70s of seventeenth century, when some European landed in Australia and discovered the east coast of the country even before Captain James Cook. After the visit of James to the historical land of Australia, the country was claimed to be the continent for the British Empire. The history and culture of the puritan Australians were set back for almost thousand years ago. Present aborigines of this country are the ancestors of the hunters and gatherers of the oldest Australia.

After captivated by British Empire Australia took part in both the World Wars. At the end of World War II the immigration rate in Australia increased significantly. In 1901 the commonwealth of Australia was founded with six states that include New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia and Tasmania.

The most populous and vital Australian cities include:
  • Sydney
  • Melbourne
  • Brisbane
  • Perth
  • Adelaide

Visa details for Australia can be obtained from the Australia embassy of any country, before visiting the place. Visa for Australia is available from the embassy, depending on the nature of individual travel plans.

Australian climate
The climate of Australia remains best between spring and autumn.

Language in-use at Australia
Australia aborigines speak in English but not in a typical traditional way, they twist and shorten the language according to their convenience. The colloquial Australian-English uses abbreviations like Aussie for Australian, Brolly for umbrella, Chook for chicken, Damper for bread, Ta for thank you and so on.

Australian currency
In Australian currency the Dollar is called AUD. To travel in Australia tourists may withdraw needed amounts from any Australia ATMs using all kind of Visa card, master card, and Maestro card.

Australia, A great tourist destination to visit and enjoy your vacation, enriched with varied cultural and social significances. So pack your bag now to get-set and go.

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