Prime Minister of Australia

Prime minister of Australia is the head of the Australian Government. In the Commonwealth of Australia, the Prime Minister holds the most powerful political position. Under the Governor-General, the Prime Minister of Australia holds the office on commission. The Prime minister is the leader of the political party and gains support from the majority of House of Representatives.

Scott Morrison is presently the Prime Minister of Australia. He has taken oath as the Prime Minister since August 24, 2018. He is the leader of the Australian Liberal Party. He has been a member of the House of Representatives since 2007. Scott Morrison is the 30th Prime minister of Australia.

Under the section 64 of the Australian Constitution, Governor-General appoints Prime Minister of the country. Prime Minister is the leader of the Cabinet and conventionally he or she is always a member of the House of Representatives. A Prime Minister is presented with the commission of the office after he/she is sworn in by the Governor-General. "Hand in the Commission" is the term used for a Prime Minister when he is defeated in the election or is resigning from the post of Prime Minister of the country.

The Governor-General can terminate the Commission if the prime minister dies while serving the period or is found incapable of handling the allotted responsibilities. A Prime Minister can also be dismissed by the Governor-General by notifying him/her in writing about the termination of the Commission.

The power of Prime Minister is derived from his position as the Cabinet Head. A Prime Minister can be dismissed from his post by the Governor-General on certain criteria. If a Prime minister in power loses his designation as the Leader of his Party, he/she will be dismissed from the post. In the House of Representatives, if the Prime Minister loses "vote of no-confidence" he/she will have to resign from his/her post otherwise he/she will be dismissed.

As per the power of the office, he/she can pass any legislation provided that legislation is supported by both the Houses of the Parliament.

To know more about the Prime Minister of Australia and his power, you need to log in the official website of the Australian Prime Minister.

Last Updated on: January 22nd, 2018