Australian Dollar

Currency of Australia and its neighboring Christmas Island, Cocos Islands, Norfolk Island and the Pacific island states of Kiribati, Nauru and Tuvalu, which form the Commonwealth of Australia, is the Australian Dollar.Australian Dollar came into existence on 14th February 1966, in place of Australian pound . It is denoted as $ . Sometimes it also denoted as or $AU or AU$ .

During the beginning of the millennium Australian Dollar was often called by the people of the country as the Pacific Peso . Like the US Dollar, an Australian Dollar can be split into 100 cents.

At present it occupies the fifth position among the world currencies most traded in the foreign exchange markets after US$, Euro, Yen and Pound sterling. Australians use polymer bank notes. To mark the 200 th year of European settlement, they introduced an image of Captain James Cook on the notes.

It was featured in a window on the note and the image is optically variable as a mark of originality of the note. Australian Dollar Exchange Rate in current for 1AU$ is 0.8245 US$

Australian Dollar and US dollar both got revised by the IMF on 10 th April, 2007. The US $ and the AU$ can be split up into 100 cents. The conversion factor of both US $ and Au$ have six significant digits.So it can be said that the Us and the Australian Dollar have many things in common. The only difference is that an AU$ costs less than a US $.

Australian Dollar Conversion can be done in all foreign currencies.1 AU$ will fetch 0.832598US$, 0.947413 Canadian$, 0.615918 Euro, 0.419889 British Pound and 99.3039 Yen.

Last Updated on: December 5th, 2017