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Where is Greece?
Located in Europe, Greece is situated along the Mediterranean Sea, sharing borders with Albania, Bulgaria, Macedonia and Turkey. With its many islands and borders along the Ionian Sea and the Aegean Sea in addition to the Mediterranean, Greece boasts the eleventh longest coastline in the world.
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Description about Map :-Greece, officially the Hellenic Republic, has a long history dating back to ancient Greece and the first advanced civilization in the region, lending it the title Cradle of Western Civilization. Ancient Greece was the foundation for many aspects of modern western society, from legal and government systems to cultural features like literature and philosophy, and the Olympics.
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Ancient Greece played a significant role in the shaping of Europe, influencing the Roman Empire and the later Byzantine and Ottoman Empires.
Greece declared independence from the Ottoman Empire on March 25, 1821. Greece was the tenth member of the European Communities (precursor to the EU), and joined the Eurozone in 2001.

The capital of Greece is Athens, which is home to many historic sites like the Acropolis. With 13,676 kilometers (8,498 miles) of coastline, Greece ranks eleventh worldwide for longest coastline. About 80 percent of the country is covered in mountains, including the famous Mount Olympus. Greece's territory includes over 1,000 (and up to 6,000) islands, including Crete.

Major cities in Greece include Athens, Thessaloniki, and Patras. Greece is home to an estimated 10,787,690 people. The Greek Orthodox form of Catholicism is the predominant religion in Greece.

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Flag of greece
The official flag of Greece has nine equal horizontal stripes of blue and white alternatively. It also has a white cross on the upper hoast size. Flag of Greece was adopted on December 22, 1978.
Official Name Hellenic Republic
Lat Long39, 22
Largest CityAthens
Official LanguageGreek (Official)
Major ReligionGreek Orthodox
National dayMarch 25 (1821) Independence Day
Form of GovernmentUnitary Parliamentary Republic
PresidentKarolos Papoulias
Prime MinisterAntonis Samaras
CurrencyEuro (€)a (EUR)
GDP$293.9 billion (2011 Est.)
Calling code30
Time ZoneEET (UTC+2)