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Corinth, Greece

Corinth was an significant ancient city of Greece, which is considered as the largest city in the Peloponnese that houses sites of interest to pilgrims and visitors.

Attractions at Corinth, Greece
Corinth, Greece is a city of historical significance where the crumblic structures and ruins offers a glimpse into the rich past of the city. Temple of Aphrodite, temple of Apollo, the ruins of the Roman marketplace, the temple of Octavia and the sacred spring are some of the most visited destinations of Corinth. Significant ruins of the Peirene Fountain is an important site of tourist attraction.

The Archaeological Museum houses the artifacts of religious significance like inscriptions of Gallio and Erastus, menorah reliefs, a synagogue inscription, terracotta body parts to Asklepios and so on.

Accommodation at Corinth
The boarding options of Corinth,Greece are ideally accumulated near the famous destinations of the city and offers uncompromising amenities and services. Some of the leading hotels of Corinth are: Kalamaki Beach Hotel Isthmia Prime Hotel

Best Time to Visit Corinth
Corinth, Greece feature a typical Mediterranean weather. Summer is hot and dry while winter is mild and wet. Hence the ideal time to explore Corinth is in spring or fall when the place is in full bloom.