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Information on Greece

Information on Greece includes all the fast facts of the country that will enrich one's knowledge about the historical land which is also a thriving tourist destination.

Greece is formally known as the Hellenic Republic, for its ancient origin as a country in the world. The great sages of philosophy like Aristotle, Socrates and Plato have made this land, an eternal heritage site. The lovely Islands and beaches mesmerizes the tourists every year. Mykonos, Santorini, Crete are some of the main holiday spots which is visited by thousands of admirers of Greece.

The climate of Greece is warm, smooth and pleasant, typically the Mediterranean type. The summers are dry and hot but with soothing breeze. Winters in the south are mild but much colder in the northern regions though not freezing. November to March happens to be the rainy season. The mountainous regions are are much cold and even with snow fall in winter and heavy rainfall.

The Area of Greece is 131,990 km or 50,944 sq mi and ranks 96th in the world. According to the estimation of 2007, the population of Greece is 11,170,957 and ranks 74th in the world. The density of Greece population is 84 per km. The GDP of Greece according to 2007 IMF estimation, it is $305.595 billion with Per capita of $27,360. The Grecian currency is Euro.

The Information on Greece can never be complete without a mention of its unlimited endeavor of developing the country from the present state to a higher position of global recognition.

Country Code Greece
Country Code Greece is an internationally recognized means to ease up identification and gear up communication at a global flat. There are various modes of codify a country. Country Code Greece means the geographical locations and the international dialing codes of the country.

International calling code is also comes under the Country code, which is also called ISD code. Mobile country code is the recent addition to Country code of a country. The most common pattern of codification is ISO 3166 - 1 or the alpha - 2 code, the alpha - 3 code and the ISO 3166 -1 codes that are quite important foe the identification of the country.

Some of the major Greece country codes are:

ISO - 3166 - 1 numerical code - 300
ISO - 3166 - 1 alpha 2 code - GR
ISO - 3166 - 1 alpha 3 code - GRC
International Calling Code - +30
E.212 mobile country code - 200

Area Codes of Greece Some of the major area codes within Greece are:
Argos Area Code 751
Alexandroupolis Area Code 55
Athens Area Code 1

Greece Hospitals Telephone Numbers
The Greece Hospitals Telephone Numbers are readily available for ones convenience to look into the hospitals, clinics and health centers at the fingertip.

There are particularly three kinds of medical facilities in Greece. The metropolitan cities have the best hospitals with modern medical facilities, while the city hospitals have clinics for emergency cases. Towns in the suburbs and villages have medical centers for check ups and medical counsellings that include first aid facilities at the most.

Some of the Hospitals in Greece and their contact addresses are as follows:

80, Vas. Sofias Ave, Athens,
Tel 2103381100,
Fax 2103381349

Greek Red Cross
1, Erythrou Stavrou St.,
Ampelokipi area,
Tel 2106414000,
Fax 2106414500

Diagnostic Center
3, Rizariou Street,
Tel 2106836173

114, Vass. Sofias Ave.,
Ampelokipi area,
Tel 2107483770-94,
Fax 2107776266

KAT Hospital
2, Nikis St., Kifissia area,
Tel 2106280000, Fax 2108012799

Mitera Maternity Hospital
Kifissias Ave. & 6, Erythrou Stavrou St., Filothei,
Tel 2106869000, Fax 2106840894

Athens Medical Center
5-7, Distomou St., Maroussi,
Tel 2106898100-114, Fax 2106898555

1, Adersen & I. Papada St.,
N. Psyhiko
Tel 2106974000

Agios Nikolaos Clinic
32, 2nd Merarchias St.,
Tel 2104518611-13, 2104520069-70,
Fax 2104521432

Asklipieion Voulas
1, Vas.Pavlou Street.,
Tel 2108958301-6

YGEIA Hospital
Kifissias Ave. & 4, Erithrou Stavrou St.,
Tel 6827940-9, Fax 6845089

Cyan Cross
102, Vass. Sofias Ave.,
near Mavili Square,
Tel 2107775111, Fax 2107774304

Elena Maternity hospital
2, El. Venizelou St, Ampelokipi
Tel 2106432220-1,
Fax 2106435631

Paidon Agia Sofia
Children's Hospital
3, Thivon & Mikras Asias end,
Tel 2107467000,
Fax 2107797649

Evangelismos Hospital
45-47, Ipsilandou St.,
Kolonaki area,
Tel 2107201000,
Fax 2107291808

Telephone Code Greece Telephone Code Greece refer to the relevant country code, the caller need to dial before the city code and the number itself. Telephone Code Greece is +30. The Outgoing Code of Greece is 00, which is followed by the country code. The mobile phone operators utilize GSM networks that is provided with roaming agreements with international operators. From November 3, 2002 the initial area code of 0 is changed with 2. From January 19, 2002 the initial mobile code 0 is replaced by 6. Dialing code 0800 numbers had also changed where the initial 0 is dropped.

Greece City Dialing Code are as follows:
  • Athens 21
  • Diavata 231
  • Arahovitika 261
  • Dionissos 21
  • Elefsina 21
  • Davia 271
  • Fodele 281
  • Halastra 231
  • Kapsas 271
  • Hortiatis 231
  • Kavala 251
  • Kroussonas 281
  • Larissa 241
  • Mira 241
  • Nestani 271
  • Pallini 21
  • Peania 21
  • Rio 261
  • Thessaloniki 231
  • Prohoma 231
  • Salamina 21
  • Skalani 281
  • Tripoli 271
  • Girtoni 241
  • Vrachneika 261
  • Zappio 241
The Code for Greece Mobile numbers have changed in January 19, 2003. The initial 0 is replaced by a 6. The changes are applicable for Telestet (0932), Vodaphone (0944) and mobile telephone numbers.

Greece Mobile Telephone Codes are:
  • Vodafone-694
  • CosmOTE Mobile-697
  • Q-Telecom Mobile-699


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