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Greek Flag

by Aakash Singha

Greek Flag - The official flag of Greece is popularly referred to as the blue-white. The flag consists of horizontal stripes of blue and white placed at equal intervals and they are 9 in number. Also, download a picture of a blank Greece flag for kids to color.

Greek Flag


Blank Greece Flag

Download Picture of Blank Greece Flag For Kids to Color

Greek Flag Description

The flag of Greece has nine horizontal stripes of blue and white, alternating, with blue on the top and bottom. In the canton is a white cross on a blue background. The nine stripes of the Greek flag represent the syllables in the Greek saying, “Freedom or Death” (Eleftheria i thanatos), and the nine letters in the Greek word for “freedom” (Eleftheria). Another theory for the significance of the nine stripes is the traditional nine Greek Muses.

The blue and white cross in the canton represents the Greek religion and Eastern Orthodox Christianity. The exact shade of blue used in the Greek flag has varied over history but recently is typically a deeper blue.

Blue and white have long been associated with Greece, referencing the sky and sea and the nation’s cultural heritage. The colors may have been used to represent Greek gods and goddesses, like Achilles and Athena. They may have also been used during Byzantine and Ottoman rule.

History of the Greek Flag

The Greek flag used blue and white stripes and the cross as far back as 1822 when it was used as the naval ensign. It became commonly used as a national ensign from 1828 along with a national flag that was just the blue and white cross. Over history, several versions of the flag were used. Some rulers added their coat of arms or a crown to the flag. The current flag was most recently adopted as the national flag in 1978.

Greek Flag Day is October 27.

National symbol(s): Greek cross (white cross on blue field, arms equal length)
National colors: blue, white
National anthem:
Name: “Ymnos eis tin Eleftherian” (Hymn to Liberty)
Lyrics/Music: Dionysios SOLOMOS/Nikolaos MANTZAROS

Fact about Greece’s flag

Country Greece
Designed by NA
Adopted December 22, 1978 (Naval Ensign 1822–1978, National Flag 1969–70; 1978 to date)
Revision 1822, 1978
Design and Colors Nine horizontal stripes, in turn, blue and white; a white cross on a blue square field in canton.
Size Ratio 2:3

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