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Where is New Zealand ?
New Zealand Locator
New Zealand is an island country located in the south-western Pacific Ocean.
New Zealand Map

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Description about Map : - The island country of New Zealand with 16 regions and 1 territory located in the southwestern Pacific Ocean. Spread over an area of 103,483 sq miles in Oceania. Wellington in the North Island is the capital city. New Zealand is a popular tourist destination with a number of national parts and green verdant areas such as the Albert Park and Ahen Park, TeUrewera National Park, Tongariro National Park, Ergmont National Park, Abel Tasman National Park, and Dawson Falls. Other important points of attraction in the country are Fox and Franz Joseph Glaciers, Rotorua Hot Springs, ManukaCrecent Reserve, Aorangi Island, Poor Knights Islands Marine Reserve, and Skytower. Wellington also houses the country’s major international airport
New Zealand (officially "The Dominion of New Zealand") is an island nation located in the south western part of the Pacific Ocean. The country comprises two main islands, namely, the North Island and the South Island, and a number of smaller islands.
The total area covered by New Zealand is 2,68,670 square kilometers.

The highest point of the country is Mt. Cook (3,764 meters above sea level). The islands of New Zealand were initially inhabited by Polynesian Maori. British colony was established in the country in 1840. In 1907, New Zealand became independent.

Rugged mountains and large coastal plains are the main geographical features of the country.

According to the 2006 census, the population of New Zealand was 4,027,947. In December, 2010 the population of the country has been estimated to be around 4,34,966.

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Wellington is the capital city of New Zealand, where the population is counted to be 1,69,000. However, Auckland is the largest city of the country. English, which used by 98% of the population is the official language of New Zealand. Maori, used by 4.2% of New Zealanders has also been given the status of an official language of the country. The religions, which are followed by the inhabitants of New Zealand, are Anglican, Presbyterian and catholic.

The presence of high mountains, glaciers, rain forests, fjords, geysers and unexplored beaches has resulted in the remarkable growth of the tourism industry in New Zealand. The country enjoys a huge footfall every year.

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Official Languages : 
English and Maori are the official languages of New Zealand.

Independence, Republic and Government : 
Maoris were the ancient people of New Zealand. In 1642, Abel Tasman was the first European to explore New Zealand. World famous British voyager, James Cook made several visits to this country. In 1840, British rule was established here. It gained formal independence in 1947.

New Zealand is a a democratic country under a structure of constitutional monarchy. Its political frame is based on Westminster system. The state is headed by British Queen Elizabeth II. But the Queen's name appears as the New Zealand's Queen, not the British Queen. The Prime Minister holds the main power of the government of New Zealand. The unique characteristic of its political and government structure is that, the country has no formal constitution. House of Representatives is the legislature of New Zealand. It generally consists of 120 seats. New Zealand is the first country to grant voting right to women. Current Prime Minister is John Key. Supreme Court, High Court and the Court of Appeal have formed the judiciary of New Zealand. There are 16 regions in New Zealand.

Culture and Heritage : 
The Maori culture has blended with western culture to give the culture and heritage of New Zealand a unique look. New Zealand celebrates various festivals with mirth and merriment. Some of them are: Auckland Dance Festival, Auckland Open Air Film Festival, Coromandel Pohutukawa Festival, Devonport Arts Festival, Giant Leap International Disability Arts Festival, New Zealand Film Festival etc. Rock, hip hop, roots, reggae, dub and electronica are some popular musical genres of New Zealand.

Tourism : 
Natural treasures like glaciers, lakes, forests, endemic animals, and mountains have enriched tourism sector of New Zealand. This country is a famous hub of adventure tourism. Activities like camping, diving, skiing, surfing, horse riding, bungee jumping, hiking, sailing and rafting are quite poular attractions of the tourism of New Zealand. The most visited places of New Zealand include:
  • Bay islands
  • Rotura
  • Queen stone
  • Milford Sound
  • Auckland
  • Christchurch
The UNESCO World Sites of New Zealand include : 
  • New Zealand Sub-Antarctic Islands
  • Te Wahipounamu
  • Tongariro National Park
Last Update On : January 17, 2013

Flag of Scotland
The official flag of New Zealand consists of Blue Ensign defaced with four stars of the Crux Australis in red, outlined in white.The flag was adopted before New Zealand became British Colony.
Official Name Newzealand
Lat Long-41.283333, 174.45
Largest CityAuckland
Official LanguageEnglish, Scottish Gaelic, Scots
Major ReligionChristianity
National daySt Andrew's Day - November 30
Form of GovernmentDevolved government within a constitutional monarchy
PresidentQueen Elizabeth II ( Monarch)
Prime MinisterJohn Key
CurrencyPound sterling
GDP139.774 billion (2010 estimate)
Calling code64
Time ZoneNZST (UTC+12)
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