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Where is Norway ?
Norway Locator Map
Norway is located in Northern part of Europe. Norway shares its boundary with Sweden, Finland and Russia. It lies between latitudes 57° and 81° N, and longitudes 4° and 32° E.
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Norway is a country located in northern Europe, in the region known as Scandinavia, which includes Norway, Denmark, and Sweden, and often includes Finland and Iceland.
The official language of Norway is Norwegian, which is closely related to the other Scandinavian languages.

Officially called the Kingdom of Norway, the nation is ruled by a parliamentary democracy and a constitutional monarchy, led by a prime minister and a king, respectively. Norway was unified around 872 by Harald Fairhair, the first king of Norway. Norway is known for its Vikings during this time period, known as the Viking Age. After uniting with other Scandinavian countries, Sweden and Denmark, Norway became independent in 1905.

Norway's capital is located in Oslo, located in the southeast, which is also the country's most populous city. Norway's population numbers only about 5 million, and its total area is 385,252 square kilometers (148,747 square miles), making it the second least densely populated country on the continent.

Because of its geographic location in the far north, much of Norway is covered in glaciers. Norway is well known for its many deep fjords, which were created by the melting glaciers.


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Last Updated On : January 17, 2013

Flag of Norway
The official flag of Norway is having three colors red, white and indigo blue. It was adpoted on 13th july, 1821.