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Airports in Tennessee Map

by Vishul Malik

Airports in Tennessee There are 83 airports in Tennessee for the public to use, though visitors will most likely use only a few. All of Tennessee’s airports are well maintained and have…

Airports in Tennessee Map

Airports in Tennessee

There are 83 airports in Tennessee for the public to use, though visitors will most likely use only a few. All of Tennessee’s airports are well maintained and have the latest in aviation technology, providing friendly and helpful services to passengers.

The international airports in Tennessee include: Memphis International Airport at Memphis and the Nashville International Airport at Nashville.

The Memphis International Airport is the most important airport in Tennessee and has the most cargo operations of any airport in the world. The airport also has many passenger flights. The amenities and services offered at this airport include ATMs, banking facilities, many Memphis-themed restaurants, retail stores selling various articles, foreign currency exchange, international insurance and special assistance to people with disabilities (wheel chair assistance, TDD phones, special parking and elevators). The airport is also adorned with beautiful artwork. Airlines that serve this airport are Delta Airlines, American Airlines, US Airways, Continental Airlines, United Airlines, KLM and Northwest Airlines. The Memphis International Airport is also home to the FedEx Express global hub, which is involved in processing a majority of packages belonging to FedEx. The airport has the large cargo operations from 1993 to 2009. Later, it dropped into the second position in 2010 and remained one of the busiest cargo airports in the United States.

The Nashville International Airport is another important airport in Tennessee. Among the amenities and services provided by this airport are TDD phones for the hearing impaired, postal facilities, escalators and elevators, a children’s play area, many restaurants, gift shops, shoeshine shops, a massage bar, a nail care shop and bookshops. The terminal also has a WiFi facility that can be accessed for a nominal charge. Apart from these services the airport prides itself on its interest in the arts. The walls are adorned with artwork and there are many stages in the terminal where music is played by country musicians for the passengers. The airlines that serve the airport are Air Canada Jazz, US Airways Express, American Airlines, United Express Airlines, American Eagle, Continental Airlines, Southwest Airlines, JetBlue, Frontier Airlines, Corporate Airlines and Northwest Airlines. Nashville International Airport has been categorized as a primary commercial service airport by the National Plan of Integrated Airport System for 2011-2015. Plus, it has four runways in total, with the longest one measuring 11,030 feet in length.

The other important airports in Tennessee are at Union City, Paris, Shelbyville, Tullahoma, Rockwood, Athens, Knoxville, and Greeneville.

Maps of Major Airports in Tennessee

List of Airports in Tennessee

Airport Name Code City Hub Enplanements (2015)
Nashville International BNA Nashville M 5,715,205
Memphis International MEM Memphis S 1,873,716
McGhee Tyson TYS Alcoa S 848,390
Lovell Field CHA Chattanooga N 393,680
Tri-Cities Regional TN/VA TRI Bristol/Johnson/Kingsport N 216,426
McKellar-Sipes Regional MKL Jackson None 1,800
Smyrna MQY Smyrna None 980
Cleveland Regional Jetport RZR Cleveland None 212
John C Tune JWN Nashville None 25
Savannah-Hardin County SNH Savannah None 18
McMinn County MMI Athens None 6
Portland Municipal 1M5 Portland None 4
Bmh-H 4TN7 Huntingdon None 4
Gatlinburg-Pigeon Forge GKT Sevierville None 3
Hassell Field M29 Clifton None 3
Winchester Municipal BGF Winchester None 2
Knoxville Downtown Island DKX Knoxville None 2
Moore-Murrell MOR Morristown None 2
Dyersburg Regional DYR Dyersburg None 1


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