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Arizona Airports Map

by Vishul Malik

  Airport in Arizona Arizona is the sixth largest state in the United States, and is growing fast. As a result, it attracts many people from around the world. It…

Arizona Airports Map


Airport in Arizona

Arizona is the sixth largest state in the United States, and is growing fast. As a result, it attracts many people from around the world. It comes as little surprise then, that airports in Arizona receive a large number of national and international visitors.

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International Airports in Arizona:

The international airports in Arizona are Laughlin Bullhead International Airport, Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, Tucson International Airport, Yuma International Airport, Bisbee Douglas International Airport and Nogales International Airport. Other major airports in Arizona are located in Sierra Vista, Grand Canyon Village, Duncan, Page, Marble Canyon and Kayenta.

Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, located in the state’s capital city, is a busy airport, with daily traffic of almost an 110,000 people. 23 airlines have daily operations at this airport.

The Tucson International Airport is another major airport of Arizona, receiving about four million visitors annually. Airlines with operations at this airport are:

Aerolitoral, US Airways, Alaska Airlines, Continental Airlines, United Airlines / Lufthansa Airlines, American Airlines, Delta Airlines / SkyWest, Frontier, Northwest / KLM and Southwest Airlines.

Airports in Arizona are built to a world-class standard and try to provide customers with the best services in the industry. Most of the airlines at Arizona’s airports provide online booking services for convenient traveling.

Maps of Major Arizona Airports

List of Airports in Arizona

Airport Name City Coordinates
Laughlin/Bullhead International Airport Bullhead City 35°09′22″N 114°33′34″W
Flagstaff Pulliam Airport Flagstaff 35°08′25″N 111°40′09″W
Grand Canyon National Park Airport Grand Canyon / Tusayan 35°57′08″N 112°08′49″W
Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport Mesa 33°18′28″N 111°39′20″W
Page Municipal Airport Page 36°55′34″N 111°26′54″W
Grand Canyon West Airport Peach Springs 35°59′25″N 113°48′59″W
Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport Phoenix 33°26′03″N 112°00′42″W
Tucson International Airport Tucson 32°06′58″N 110°56′28″W
Yuma International Airport Yuma 32°39′24″N 114°36′22″W
Douglas Municipal Airport Douglas 31°20′33″N 109°30′23″W
Grand Canyon Caverns Airport Peach Springs 35.526944, -113.2475
Valle Airport Valle 35.649519, -112.14191
Sun Valley Airport Bullhead City 35°00′20″N 114°33′54″W
Stellar Airpark Chandler 33°17′56″N 111°54′56″W
Cochise College Airport Douglas 31.3711°N 109.6904°W
Kearny Airport Kearny 33.0474°N 110.9091°W
Estrella Sailport Maricopa 33°05′07″N 112°09′40″W
Pearce Ferry Airport Meadview 36°05′36″N 114°02′48″W
Eagle Airpark Mohave Valley 34°53′17″N 114°36′59″W
Marble Canyon Airport Marble Canyon 36.8113°N 111.6439°W
Pleasant Valley Airport Peoria 33.8010°N 112.2498°W
Ak-Chin Regional Airport Phoenix 32.9908°N 111.9186°W
Temple Bar Airport Temple Bar / Lake Mead 36°01′14″N 114°20′06″W
Tombstone Municipal Airport Tombstone 31.6713°N 110.0217°W
Grand Canyon Bar 10 Airport Whitmore 36.2580°N 113.2311°W

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