Arizona Tourism Guide

The state of Arizona is home to a variety of tourist attractions, which includes the Grand Canyon, national monuments, national parks, national forests, and state parks. The climates, picturesque landscapes, and diversity of cultures are the major elements behind the flourish in Arizona travel and tourism industry.

Arizona, also called the Grand Canyon State, is situated in the southwestern part of America. Arizona travel and tourism industry forms a powerful segment of the state's economy. The state houses a range of tourist attractions, which includes the Grand Canyon, national parks, national monuments, forests, and state parks. A wide array of climates, landscapes, and traditions are important elements behind the growth of Arizona Travel and Tourism industry.

Arizona Travel and Tourism: An Overview
The state of AZ is famous for its arid weather, particularly warm summers, and moderate winters. Nevertheless, the state also is home to mountain ranges and pine forests in the northern uplands with colder climate as compared to the lower deserts.

National parks in Arizona
The most famous national parks in the state are as follows:
1) Grand Canyon National Park
2) Glen Canyon National Recreation Area
3) Saguaro National Park
4) Petrified Forest National Park

National Monuments
The state is home to many national monuments such as:
1) Casa Grande Ruins National Monument
2) Canyon de Chelly National Monument
3) Four Corners Monument
4) Chiricahua National Monument
5) Navajo National Monument
6) Montezuma Castle National Monument
7) Parashant National Monument
8) Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument
9) Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument

National Forests
Given below are the popular national forests in AZ:
1) Tonto National Forest
2) Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest
3) Coronado National Forest

State Parks
The Arizona State Parks provide a variety of opportunities for nature lovers. Some of the popular state parks are as follows:
1) Kartchner Caverns State Park
2) Homolovi Ruins State Park
3) Lyman Lake State Park
4) Lake Havasu State Park
5) Roper Lake State Park
6) Picacho Peak State Park

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