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Cricket World Cup Mascot

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A mascot is the symbol of a competition especially a sports event. The mascot, usually a person or an animal is believed to bring good luck to the event. Like the previous versions, 2007 Cricket World Cup also has a mascot named Mello.
The ICC unveiled the mascot, the trophy and logo in New Delhi in July 2006. Mello is a youthful, friendly character with bright eyes, a big smile and pleasing personality.

He is an orange-colored creature wearing a blue short-sleeved shirt, a golden pendant, white vest, khaki trousers and blue sneakers. He is shown leaning on a bat and tossing a white cricket ball in the air with legs crossed. The red ribbon on his shirt shows Mello, the teenager' awareness for HIV/AIDS. This mascot can be seen in three different poses such as greeting pose, batting pose and bowling pose.