Hotels in Honduras

Honduras boasts of different types of hotels, to the huge number of tourist who come here every year.
Apart from tourists, many people go to the country for business and other works as well. The options range from budget hotels, simples hotels, mid-class hotels and luxury hotels. All guests look for, is a place to stay in comfort and have access to all things required for it. Whether you are a budget travel or would love to indulge yourself, there are all types of hotels in Honduras.

Those looking to organize business meet and then use this trip for exploring the attractions in the country, can easily do so. The hotels have facilities to host business meets; you just need to tell them about your requirements. Most of the hotels offer marvelous views of the surrounds, which can be enjoyed from the room's private balcony.

The hotels have great dining facilities, where you can taste cuisines from various countries, apart from local food.

Travelers have different types of requirements, when it comes to selecting a hotel during a trip. Suppose you are traveling with your family consisting of small kids, then staying at a family-friendly hotel or resort in Honduras is a great option. Such hotels have facilities to look after kids, if parents wish to leave them behind and go for sightseeing trips. They also arrange for special activities where kids and parents can take part. In short, they can arrange for anything that is required to enable the family to have a great tome at the vacation.

List of hotels in Honduras
  • Roatan Resorts
  • Hotel los Zorzales
  • Las Cascadas Lodge
  • Hotel Casa del Arbol
  • Isabella Boutique Hotel
  • CasaSula Bed & Breakfast
  • Clarion Hotel San Pedra Sula
  • Crowne Plaza San Pedro Sula
  • Hilton Princess San Pedro Sula
  • InterContinental San Pedro Sula

Last Updated on: August 20th, 2018