Airports in Honduras

Honduras airport serves as a transit point for thousands of people every day. While many people come here for tourism, a significant number also comes for business and other personal and professional works Many airline companies offer flights to and from various international destinations.
There are four international airports in the country, where those coming from abroad can begin their trip. All these places have good connectivity with other places, so you can travel anywhere with ease. Honduras is blessed with abundant natural beauty and it is a most preferred destination for trekkers and adventure lovers.

Apart from the international airports, there are several regional airports in Honduras as well. These airports are a food way of traveling to different places in the country. One of the major international airports in the country is Toncontin International Airport. It is a civil as well as a military airport. The airport is located in close proximity with the mountainous terrain. It has a single runway at an elevation of 3,294 feet and Boeing 757s is the largest aircrafts, which land here.

Some of the major airlines that operate to and from Honduras airports are - CM Airlines, Copa Airlines, Aerolineas Sosa, Continental Airlines, Lanhsa Airlines, American Airlines, Central American Airways, Delta Air Lines and Islena Airlines. The destinations to and from which these airline companies operate flights are - La Ceiba, Miami, San Pedro Sula, Panama City,Atlanta, Puerto Lempira, Roatan and San Lorenzo, etc.

International Airports in Honduras
  • Goloson International Airport
  • Toncontin International Airport
  • Juan Manuel Galvez International Airport
  • Ramon Villeda Morales International Airport

Regional Airport in Honduras
  • Utila Airport
  • Guanaja Airport
  • El Progreso Airport
  • Brus Laguna Airport
  • Brus Laguna Airport
  • Puerto Lempira Airport
  • Ruinas de Copan Airport
  • Nuevo Ocotepeque Airport
  • Santa Rosa de Copan Airport

Last Updated on: August 20th, 2018