Guizhou Hotels

The hotels in Guizhou will provide you prefect accommodation while you travel around this magical land. Whatever your budget is there are ample numbers of hotels in Guizhou to choose from. There various tourist sites located all around Guizhou so hotels of different sizes and rated are also available there. For a good Guizhou hotel with all modern amenities try to stay in the city hotels of this province.
Guiyang the capital city of Guizhou has lots of eminent hotels. Apart from being the capital city many significant tourists spots are also near to Guiyang. The four tourist routes which have very recently developed goes through this city so it is natural that all the hotel giants will try to built their hotels in this city. Travel and tourism in the recent years is contributing to the major economic growth of the province of Guizhou. The city of Kaili also has some major hotels. The reason behind this may be because every year numerous tourists flock to the multi –ethnic land of Kaili to participate in different kinds of tribal celebrations for New Year or new harvest.

Some of the eminent hotels in Guizhou are:
  • Howard Johnson Plaza Hotel Guizhou, Guiyang
  • Grand Dragon Hotel (Teng Long Kai Yue), Kaili
  • Guo Tai, Kaili
  • Jinjiang Fresh Flowers Hotel, Guiyang
  • Neng Hou Hotel, Guiyang
  • Guiyang Plaza Hotel, Guiyang
  • Ramada Plaza Hotel Guiyang, Guiyang
  • Huang Guo Shu, Anshun
  • Baicheng Hotel, Guiyang
  • Dandong International Hotel, Dandong
  • Dazheng Hotel Guiyang, Guiyang
  • Guilong Hotel, Guiyang
  • Hua Cheng Hotel, Guiyang
  • Jin Cheng Hotel, Zunyi City
  • Luoyang Golden Gulf Hotel (Jinshuiwan dajiudian), Luoyang

The rates of the rooms vary with the hotels and its locations. A room for one night can range from $140 to $36 depending on many things. There are travel agents through whom a booking of hotel can be done. Information about the hotels and their rates are available on the Internet and booking can also be done on the hotels' official websites.

Last Updated on: October 9th, 2017