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Guizhou Province Map

Guizhou Province Map

Guizhou is small province located in the south western part of China. The province is famous for its multi ethnic characteristic. Qian is a more common name for Guizhou.
It was the Ming rulers of China who had brought this province under Chinese domination. The people of Guizhou had made several attempts during the time of Qing dynasty to break free of this domination but failed every time. Guiyang is the capital of Guizhou. Some of the other cities within the province of Guizhou are Duyun, Qingzhen and Anshun.

On the eastern side of the Yunnan-Guizhou plateau the province of Guizhou is located. The plateau is also responsible for its rocky and uneven topography. Sichuan to the north and Guangxi province to the south supports Guizhou from both sides. The temperature of this province of China is comfortable and pleasant most of the year mainly due to its sub tropical monsoonal climatic conditions.

The overcast skies and all year round rainfall is what the residents of Guizhou are accustomed to. During winter temperature rarely drops below 0 degree Celsius and high summer temperature is also absent. Tourists flock to this place mostly to join the different ethnic groups in their festivals. While in Guizhou the 'Wind and Rain Bridges' should be seen as those are a specialty of this province and a result of the wonderful craftsmanship of people from the Dong community. Guizhou is the home to many ethnic groups which are minority in China and the government has made it point to ensure their exclusivity by declaring half of the province autonomous.

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